Pre-Shipment Inspection

Ensure shipment success with Leeline’s reliable Pre-Shipment Inspection Services.

We EXAMINE your products to meet the highest international quality standards. Wave goodbye to shipment stress and HELLO to reliability and excellence!

Pre-Shipment Inspection


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Quality Control Services In China

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Our inspection agents use statistical sampling methods for inspection.

Guarantee that your products MEET industry standards, safety regulations, and quality requirements. You boost your supply chain CREDIBILITY in the market.

Product Quality Control

Product Quality Control

Consistently delivering high-quality products to your customers. Our seasoned experts CONDUCT various tests and inspections to check for defects.

ALWAYS meet your customers’ expectations with high-quality goods. Leading to fewer customer complaints and returns.

Various Shipping Methods

Various Shipping Methods

Enjoy cost-effective shipping options(sea, air, railway) for ALL YOUR SHIPMENTS. You reduce transportation expenses and maximize profitability.

We evaluate distance, transit time, and cost to give you the most efficient routes for your cargo. You meet your CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS and keep your reputation INTACT.

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We handle EVERYTHING. Starting from collecting your items to ensuring secure packaging for transportation.

We also optimize container space to maximize cost savings. You save MONEY, TIME, and RESOURCES in your pocket. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Make global trade accessible and hassle-free. We make buying and shipping from Alibaba EASIER AND CHEAPER.

Experts negotiate shipping rates with suppliers to SECURE the best possible pricing. You scale your business without scaling your expenses.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

We prep your inventory ACCORDING to Amazon’s guidelines. Including packaging and bundling.

Our team also applies protective measures to prevent damage during transit. You keep your inventory safe and customers happy.

Why Choose Us?

Attention to Detail

From proper labels to packaging. We inspect every little detail of your products. With us, you ship with 100% peace of mind. Satisfy your customers with high-quality products.

Global Reach

Our team brings you extensive knowledge of international regulations and conditions. You’ll HAVE ACCESS to a much wider customer base. Say hello to expanding your market reach and watching your business grow.

Transparent Reporting

Get transparent and detailed inspection reports ALL THE TIME. You’ll have a clear understanding of the condition of your goods. You manage your inventory better and make informed business decisions.

Cost-Effective Inspection Process

Our efficient inspection process helps you identify any issues early on. You get FEWER CHANCES of expensive product recalls or returns. Saving you money and preserving your bottom line.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Thanks to Leeline’s meticulous inspections. We’ve been able to REDUCE the number of defective products in our shipments. It resulted in HAPPIER CUSTOMERS and FEWER RETURNS. Leeline has played a pivotal role in enhancing our brand reputation. Highly recommend it!

– Jesse, California

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Pre-Shipment Inspection: Secure Quality Shipments

Many businesses and importers have faced the challenge of pre-shipment inspections. Luckily, this article will be your GUIDING LIGHT from those hurdles. 

We’re a China pre-shipment inspection company. So, Whether you’re an old hand at importing or just starting out. Help you clear up the confusion of pre-shipment processes. 

You AVOID defective items, low-quality products, and returns. You enhance your brand reputation and MAXIMIZE DELIVERY EFFICIENCY.

Buckle up because we’re about to unlock the gateway to shipment success!

Pre-Shipment Inspection

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)?

PSI is the ultimate quality checkpoint for your PRODUCT ORDERS. 

This inspection happens when production is at the 80-100% completion mark. Inspection experts pick a bunch of random products and give them a really good look.

But why is this pre-shipment inspection so important?

Well, if there are ANY ISSUES OR DEFECTS hiding in your products. Consider it your last chance to get things fixed. Before your products are sealed up and shipped to you. 

In short, it’s like your SAFETY NET against any import troubles.

Benefits of Pre-Shipment Inspection

Benefits of Pre-Shipment Inspection (1)

Pre-shipment inspection is your peace-of-mind ticket. And here’s why it’s a MUST-DO:

  • Quality Assurance

PSI has been our safety net for always receiving TOP-NOTCH PRODUCTS. It ensures that the agreed-upon specifications with our suppliers are always met. You confidently deliver PREMIUM QUALITY to your customers. Sparing you from unpleasant surprises down the road.

  • Early Issue Detection

We treat PSI as a quality detective on our team. It checks the products and import permits before they leave our factory. Sniffing out ANY defects or production issues. The best part? If it finds anything, you can TAKE ACTION right away. Whether it’s product fixing or getting replacements.

  • Brand Protection

Perhaps the best part of PSI is the peace of mind it brings to our company. Knowing that an EXPERT meticulously checked everything before shipment is a huge relief. It reduces our team’s stress and uncertainty. Ensuring product quality and minimizing your import risks.

Pre-shipment Inspection Process

Pre-shipment Inspection Process (1)

Step #1. Scheduling

You kick things off by scheduling a PSI with a TRUSTED inspection service. 

As I mentioned earlier, it typically happens when your order is 80-100% complete. 

Step #2. Verifying the Quality and Quantity

This step is all about MAKING SURE you’re getting the exact quantity you ordered. No surprises, just what you paid for. 

We at Leeline verify correct packaging labels, too. Ensuring everything’s in order for a SMOOTH AND SECURE transportation process.

Step #3. Random Sampling

Experts now inspect a randomly selected sample from your batch. Don’t worry, ALL FOLLOW statistical sampling procedures. Known as the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1).

Consider it the COMPANY’S STANDARDS of quality control.

The whole idea of random sampling is for you to have an unbiased evaluation of your products.

Step #4. Thorough Checking

PSI is not a one-time glance. In fact, it involves multiple rounds of checking.

Our team goes through your finished products to SPOT DEFECTS if there are any. 

Here’s what we usually check:

  • Specification Check
  • Function Testing
  • Mechanical Safety Test 
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Measurements
  • Visual and Packaging Inspection

Final random inspection can also happen before your goods are LOADED in the trucks. Most of our clients opt for this to ensure ALL PRODUCTS are in perfect condition. 

Step #5. Inspection Report

Finally, after the whole pre-shipment inspection procedures are done. Wait for your detailed report as we prepare it. 

In some cases, WE INCLUDE pictures and graphs to show you clearly what we found during PSI.

Inspection, Supplier Audit, and Product Testing in China & Asia

We focus exclusively on QUALITY CONTROL. Today, hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust Leeline Service as their supply chain management partner.

People Also Ask About Pre-Shipment Inspection

Who is responsible for the pre-shipment inspection?

The responsibility falls on the buyer/owner’s expense. You’ll be the one scheduling the PSI and paying for everything associated with it.

How do you inspect a shipment?

We conduct an overall product assessment before they leave your supplier’s facility. Starting from the product quality, quantity, compliance, and specifications. We also OVERSEE your contract agreement. Just to make sure all your initial requirements are up to date and MET by your supplier. 

What is pre-shipment risk?

These are factors that AFFECT the successful delivery and receiving of your products. Some of these include product quality, compliance, and damage during transit. Luckily, PSI helps mitigate these risks.

What’s Next

Pre shipment inspection certificate is your ticket to worry-free and shipment excellence. It ensures you TOP-NOTCH QUALITY GOODS and RELIABLE DELIVERY. You take control of your import process and avoid any nasty surprises. 

Have questions or need personalized guidance?

Contact Leeline! From inspections to detailed audits. Our experts are here to support your supply chain at EVERY STAGE.

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

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