Dropshipping From Walmart To Amazon

Dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon is gaining TRACTION these days. But is it a safe venture? 

My team and I dedicated weeks to mastering the reliability of each step. Thoroughly researched and tested each process to ensure profitability.

Amazon prohibits dropshipping from Walmart. Luckily, manual order fulfillment makes the impossible POSSIBLE. But be careful, as the stakes are HIGH in this dropshipping practice. Overcome this obstacle and enjoy the untapped goldmine of affordable products at Walmart.

Wanna learn the savvy strategies and the PITFALLS to sidestep? Scroll down.

Dropshipping From Walmart To Amazon

Dropshipping From Walmart To Amazon: Can you?

Dropshipping From Walmart To Amazon: Can you?

Based on experience, it’s totally possible. But, unfortunately, this process won’t be as EASY as the usual Walmart drop shipping route. Think drop shipping from AliExpress to Amazon, for example. 

That’s because Amazon’s policies prohibit dropshipping from other retailers like Walmart. Going against these rules may suspend your Walmart drop-ship vendor account.

But why are other sellers still in this drop-shipping venture?

Well Walmart marketplace is known for offering fast shipping and excellent customer service. Not to mention a ton of drop-ship items at LOW PRICES. 

Walmart’s platform is WELL-ESTABLISHED, which is likely familiar to you already. So for sure, it’s gonna be much easier to surf through. Compared to other drop shipping sites like AliExpress or Shopify stores. 

Key Benefits of Dropshipping From Walmart to Amazon

Key Benefits of Dropshipping From Walmart to Amazon

Although I’ve mentioned the RISK involved in this venture. It’s no secret that once you master the art of Walmart dropshipping. Achieving a profitable drop shipping business will be VERY EASY. 

Let’s go over some of the many advantages Walmart offers to Amazon sellers. 

  • Walmart’s marketplace is booming at an incredible pace

Every month, 20,000 new sellers join the platform to start dropshipping. The MAJORITY of these are international sellers from China. But now, U.S. sellers are also jumping in. Doubling its size in 18 months to 100,000 active sellers. Accelerating its growth even further.

  • Fast Shipping

TIMELY DELIVERY is what customers are after. Luckily, Walmart’s reliable logistics partners ship products swiftly. Walmart customers receive what they ordered on their expected date. They even have options for next-day delivery. Enhancing customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of REPEAT PURCHASES.

  • Vast Selection of Trending Products

Amazon Sellers benefit from an extensive range of products across various categories. Whether it’s clothing, toys, or home goods. Merchants enjoy a PLETHORA of drop-shippable products at low prices. 

  • Return of Investment

But perhaps the most ENTICING aspect we’ve seen is the potential returns. Walmart’s online marketplace is a juggernaut. Generating billions in sales annually and showing STEADY GROWTH. By tapping into the Walmart products. Merchants on Amazon propel their business to new heights of profitability and growth.

Considering Walmart’s rapid growth. Sellers on Amazon seize this opportunity not only to diversify their incomes. But to GROW and BOOST their drop shipping business. After all. Dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon is a lucrative opportunity we’ve tried firsthand.

How To Dropship From Walmart To Amazon?

Still want to TACKLE this dropshipping business model despite the risks? Well, you impress me, good old risk-taker. So, let me share these not-very-safe steps toward dropshipping Walmart items to Amazon. 

As they say, try at your own risk. 

Step #1: Product Research

First off, find Amazon products that already sell well. Check whether those items are cheaper at Walmart. And whether they came from the best seller rank. 

Don’t worry. Programs handle the bulk process, not you. 

After that, INSTALL dropshipping software like PriceBlink, which is my go-to. 

Then, jump straight to choosing what profitable products to sell. Don’t worry. Here are our top three criteria to consider:

  1. Product is listed on both Amazon and Walmart
  2. Look for products with high demand on Amazon
  3. Profitability

There are millions of product categories to browse through at Walmart and Amazon. So, take your time to assess which product brings in more money. 

Once a strong list of sellable products has been finalized. Meaning they SELL LIKE PANCAKES on Amazon but cheaper on Walmart. 

Go ahead and… 

Step #2. Create Amazon product listings 

List products on Amazon as if they’re on hand. No need to choose fancier settings when dropshipping. Convenient, right? 

Step #3. Wait for orders 

You may have heard the saying: Rome wasn’t built overnight. And so is achieving success in any dropshipping store. 

A huge part of dropshipping, especially during the early weeks, is WAITING. 

Check whether the products listed on Amazon are still in stock in the Walmart warehouse. This avoids DISAPPOINTING the first customer by saying what they ordered is out of stock.

Step #4: Manual order fulfillment 

Hey, you finally got an order! Now what? 

Time to process orders! Now, they say that dropshipping is all about no overhead costs. But unfortunately. This isn’t exactly the case when dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon.

Since this is a prohibited practice. There’s a bit of overhead expenses involved. But only for a short moment. 

“Bruh, that’s confusing…”

Here’s the gist of how Walmart dropshipping works: 

When customers buy from dropshipping stores on Amazon. Their details should be RECORDED. Such as their full name, address, shipping information, and phone number. Everything involved in online shipping. Then, Amazon sellers go to the Walmart store. Place the EXACT ITEM item that the customer purchased.

But here’s the catch. Sellers must purchase items as if they are the customers. When filling out the customer information on Walmart. They should pretend to be the customer. Of course, they need to use their OWN payment details. 

From here on, Walmart Suppliers SHIP products to their Amazon customers. Once customers are happy with the drop-shipped products they receive. Amazon sends the customer’s payment. Minus fees and taxes. 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

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People Also Ask about Dropshipping From Walmart To Amazon

How does Walmart dropshipping work and is it profitable? 

It works by sourcing products at Walmart and listing them through Amazon or eBay. Remember to exercise caution as it may lead to SUSPENSION.

Is the retail arbitrage method needed when dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon? 

Yes. Again, dropshipping from Walmart is prohibited. So, the only way to make this possible is through the ARBITRAGE METHOD. This means that sellers buy products from Walmart. Then, sell them on Amazon through dropshipping.

Is dropshipping from Walmart profitable?

YES. Walmart is a reliable supplier of LOW-PRICED products. This is why dropshippers on Amazon are willing to take the risk to make money. Despite putting their drop shipping business on the line.

What’s Next 

Dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon provides a lucrative opportunity to diversify profits. Nowadays, this drop shipping practice is BECOMING POPULAR among drop shippers. So long as caution is prioritized. Safeguard your business while earning more money.

Want to begin Walmart drop shipping but not sure how?    

Call Leeline! Save time from product hunting. And connect with the BEST dropshipping suppliers in Walmart and Amazon.

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