Import Products From Aliexpress To Shopify

How to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify? Is it doable?

I’m a seasoned expert in the field of Shopify dropshipping. I’ve been helping dropshippers who find the process CONFUSING and OVERWHELMING. 

My GO-TO tip?

lt’s having the Oberlo extension installed. I guarantee that adding products becomes a breeze with a single click. And so long as the product reviews and ratings are DOUBLE CHECKED. Guarantee: every successful import means a high profit margin.

Keep reading to make huge profits from AliExpress products! 

How to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify

Why Import Products From AliExpress To Shopify?

Why import products from AliExpress to Shopify

Here are the top reasons why AliExpress products deserve a SPOT on our product pages.

AliExpress is home to OVER 100 million products. Making it super easy to find dropshipping products for your online business. REGARDLESS of the chosen niche! 

No need to juggle multiple platforms to accommodate the needs of the target market. AliExpress will pretty much have all sorts of products. You only need to use the ULTRA-EFFICIENT search filter within the platform! 

1. Incredibly cheap prices

Think of AliExpress as a digital mall among eCommerce platforms. But ALL items are ALWAYS in clearance sale! 

Yes, it’s one of the CHEAPEST sources of dropshipping products. All because products listed on AliExpress are ALL direct from manufacturers

No need to waste an extra dime on middlemen for every transaction. INCREASE your profit margin and enjoy repeat purchases! 

2. Reliable dropshipping services

AliExpress boasts reliable suppliers trusted by many dropshipping stores. You can rely on its suppliers to FULFILL orders on time and deliver quality products. 

Of course, not every supplier within the app is perfect. There are those sneaky ones we encounter who only want to steal profit from us.

Avoid them to get exceptional dropshipping services when using AliExpress.  

How to import products from AliExpress to Shopify?

Importing products from AliExpress to your Shopify online store is very easy. Especially with the help of Oberlo, a HANDY Chrome extension. 

This tool makes it super simple to add AliExpress products to the Shopify store directly. Saving every dropshipper time and effort. Let me break down the process into two methods.

First Method:

Step 1: Install Oberlo chrome extension

Make sure to have the Oberlo extension INSTALLED. Then, wait for it to be automatically added to the Chrome browser. 

Once you’ve got it set up…

Step 2: Find AliExpress items

Head over to and look for products you like to sell. 

AliExpress is a digital mall. So, expect multiple products with different prices and quality in the search results.

Once products are selected, click on the Oberlo logo that appears, and voila! The product is NOW ADDED to your import list in the Shopify store.

Now, the only thing left is to…

Step 3: Start importing products to Shopify

Head to your Shopify account and click the import list on the dashboard. Each selected product should be there ready for the FINAL TOUCH. 

Once all is ready, proceed to click the “import” to the Shopify dropshipping store. And that’s it!

But what if the Oberlo extension can’t be used for some reason? 

Second Method: 

  1. Simply COPY the product URL from AliExpress and paste it into the Oberlo app. 
  2. Don’t forget to do some necessary customization on the product details. Then proceed adding products to your Shopify store.

Importing products from AliExpress to Shopify has never been easier. A single click can expand your product listings and Shopify dropshipping store.

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4 Tips for importing products from Aliexpress to Shopify

4 tips for importing products from alie0press to shopify

Here are helpful tips before importing products to your Shopify store.

  • Check product reviews and ratings

Product reviews and ratings are the go-to compass in choosing the products to import. They show exactly how previous customers felt about our item. And their reactions are gonna be our future customers’ SAME expectations. Upon receiving their order.

Only import products from AliExpress to the Shopify store if they have at least 3-4 stars. 

  • Make sure product categories and product descriptions are accurate

Ensure ALL your product listings have accurate descriptions and product categories. This allows your dropshipping store to LOOK POLISHED. Plus, ranks in SEO, which generates organic traffic.

  • Use a high-quality product image

It may be tempting to use the first product image you find. But trust me, how product image quality affects sales is like DAY AND NIGHT. These photos are the closest customers can get to seeing your product. Make sure to offer the BEST visual representation possible. 

  • Request product samples to guarantee product quality

Test your dropshipping business compatibility with specific AliExpress suppliers. Try ordering product samples as a customer. 

Make sure to ASSESS the product’s quality, packaging, and shipping times. This will help avoid suppliers with longer shipping times. Has low-quality packaging and slow customer support. 

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People Also Ask about How To Import Products From Aliexpress To Shopify

What tool can I use to import Aliexpress Products to my Shopify store?

Oberlo is one of the best automation tools I recommend among other Shopify apps. Its best feature is the SINGLE-CLICK INTEGRATION. Making importing products from AliExpress to your Shopify store a breeze! 

Do I need to contact the supplier before listing their items from AliExpress on my Shopify website?

Yes, it’s best to contact AliExpress suppliers first. This is to negotiate, ensure there are enough stocks, and have a good relationship. After all, reliable suppliers offer PEACE OF MIND for every transaction.

Why is AliExpress so cheap?

Aside from the fact that it houses millions of small to large retailers. AliExpress is a Chinese retailer, so most of its suppliers are from China. They sell products 10 times cheaper than any other country.

What’s Next

Importing products from AliExpress to Shopify is, by all means, diversifying profits. AliExpress is the KING of shockingly low prices. Use this reputation in your Shopify store and STAY AHEAD of other sellers. 

Want to buy AliExpress products in bulk?

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