Temu Dropshipping:6 Steps to Build Brand

Temu Dropshipping is the BACKSTAGE PASS to the eCommerce party. BUT how to leverage this profit-filled business venture?

As a sourcing expert, I want to help you leverage the Temu platform and earn profits. I’m here to prove that Temu’s low prices, bulk discounts and fast shipping make it ideal for dropshipping. Start this business in 6 simple steps and learn my 3 go-to tips to SECURE profits. 

Continue reading to grow your business in no time!

Temu Dropshipping

What Is Temu?

It’s a popular Chinese online marketplace boasting over 100 million active users.

Temu platform offers a BROAD RANGE of products. Spanning over 29 categories and 250 sub-categories. 

So what’s drawing drop shippers in? Well, it’s the special discounts and rock-bottom competitive pricing. On ALMOST EVERY TEMU product. Making it a preferred platform for DROPSHIPPING. 

You’ll enjoy high-quality images and extensive product selection. Moreover, Temu has a reputation for excellent customer service that’s turning heads GLOBALLY. 

Is Temu Good For Dropshipping?

Is Temu Good For Dropshipping?

The quick answer is yes. But there’s a CRUCIAL POINT you should be aware of. Temu, unfortunately, doesn’t support traditional dropshipping practices. 

But here’s a WORKAROUND. 

You drop ship on Temu by sourcing products through VARIOUS SUPPLIERS. As I have mentioned earlier, Temu appeals to many entrepreneurs. Here’s why: 

  • Low Prices Inventory

Imagine getting inventory at wholesale prices.  That’s what Temu is about. 

You won’t drain your wallet to STOCK UP your inventory. When I was browsing on Temu, I found products that are as low as $1. There are even items that you get for FREE! 

You’ll have a FLEXIBLE pricing strategy. Letting you establish competitive retail prices while still maintaining HEALTHY PROFIT MARGINS.

  • Bulk Discounts

And guess what? The more you buy, the more you save. Temu throws in EXTRA DISCOUNTS when you grab stuff in bulk. It’s like a little reward for going big on your inventory. Making your upfront investment even more COST-EFFECTIVE.

  • Fast Shipping

Now, let’s talk speed

Temu offers free shipping on orders over $49. And MOST Temu products are shipped straight from U.S.-based warehouses. That means your customers get their orders fast. And we all know quick delivery EQUALS happy customers and positive reviews.

  • Intuitive App

Oh, and managing your dropshipping game is a breeze with Temu’s app. From checking out Temu products to placing orders. Even tracking shipments, managing your inventory, and shooting messages to sellers. 

It’s all neatly packed into one USER-FRIENDLY APP.

You run your online business way more EASILY. Especially if you’re only getting started in the dropshipping world.

  • No Marketplace Fee

Last but not least, enjoy a NO membership fee! 

Yes, you read it right. You start selling on Temu and explore Temu products without spending a single DIME. Costs only kick in when you decide to BUY your inventory. Providing a RISK-FREE entry point for sellers.

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How To Start your Dropshipping Business On Temu?

How To Start your Dropshipping Business On Temu?

Getting the right products is KEY to making your Temu dropshipping business a hit. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step #1. Search for Top-Selling Items in Niches

First, LOG IN to your Temu seller account. 

Once you’re in, explore the top stores and best-selling items. Want a shortcut? Temu has a feature on the dashboard to FILTER OUT categories. 

So, If you’re into electronics. You find the CROWDS FAVORITE with one simple click.

Step #2. Filter by Number of Orders

Temu’s handy feature also filters PRODUCT LISTINGS by the number of orders. 

You sort out products by “orders.” Allowing you to see items that are already popular and with PROVEN HIGH DEMAND. Making them safer bets for your business.

Step #3. Price Comparison 

Check out what big players like AliExpress are charging for SIMILAR ITEMS. Enabling you to set a PROFITABLE PRICE before uploading products. 

Of course, you need to CONSIDER Temu’s wholesale price and your other costs first. Just to guarantee your pricing is competitive and lucrative.

Step #4. Evaluate Supplier Ratings

Before conducting business with suppliers. Visit their seller account and CHECK their ratings. You’ll see their products sold, existing business licenses, and customer feedback. 

Of course, you want to stick with suppliers with:

  • HIGHLY SATISFIED customers
  • Good pricing strategies (AKA low prices)
  • Well-established history on Temu and other platforms 

It’s time-consuming to evaluate each supplier. BUT trust me. Vetting suppliers is going to secure your profit margin and SALES.

Step #5. Focus on US Warehouses

The closer your suppliers’ warehouses are to your customers. The FASTER you fulfill orders. Providing excellent customer service to your buyers. 

As much as possible, resell Temu products that are stored in the US. You contact Temu suppliers directly to ask whether they have American warehouses. Alternatively, you may read reviews or customer inquiries on the supplier’s seller account. 

Step #6. Order Samples First

Not all products that sell on Temu are high-quality. Unfortunately, I know, but this is common in all online marketplaces. 

That said, ALWAYS order samples first. Your products represent the FACE, MARKETING, and reputation of your business. If they FAIL your customers. You’ll directly negatively impact your FUTURE SALES. 

Pro tip: This step can be costly. But a good rule of thumb is ordering at least 3 samples of different products from the same supplier. Suppose their delivered samples are good. It’s VERY LIKELY that almost all of their products are also high-quality. 

3 Tips For Your Temu Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping doesn’t always equal success. But you better your chances of being a SUCCESSFUL Temu drop shipper. RIGHT strategies are the key. 

These tips always help my clients DOUBLE their sales when reselling Temu Products. 

1. Expand Your Product Catalog

Creating MORE product catalogs is like setting up more bait in the ocean. The more listings you have. The higher the chance of potential customers purchasing from you. The beauty of dropshipping is you pay little to none for every product you list. 

So, as early as possible, INCREASE the number of products you’re dropshipping from Temu.  

Offer Limited-Time Discounts

URGENCY and SCARCITY to make people hit the BUY BUTTON faster than ever. There’s plenty of sales data to back up this claim. And as a drop shipper, you take advantage of this situation. 

Offer time-limited deals to your potential buyers. Such as offering less shipping fees, lower prices, or bulk discounts. 

Yes, you may have lower profit margins. But this PRICING STRATEGY draws incredible numbers of customers. 

2. Build Email Subscribers

Create an exclusive mailing list. And offer customers who subscribe to your list EXCLUSIVE discounts and deals. By having DIRECT COMMUNICATION with people who are already interested in your niche. You’ll make it THREEFOLD easier to market more products and build brand loyalty. 

Customers always remember your store name. Receive reminders of your IRRESISTIBLE deals. Your products always have high demand. 

3. Invest in Paid Ads

Hear me out: Dropshipping is a money-saving business venture. But that doesn’t mean you should never invest in it at all. So, if there’s ONE THING you should spend money on when dropshipping. PAID ADS are your best friend. 

Advertisements elevate your store and products ABOVE other sellers and drop shippers. Making it easy for ATTRACT buyers to visit your seller account. 

To make your ads successful. Make sure to:

  • Use high-quality photos
  • Incorporate relevant keywords
  • Include basic information about your store
  • Write important details about the product. 

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People Also Ask About Temu Dropshipping

Can I start dropshipping with $100-$200?

Yes! Dropshipping is a BUDGET-BOOSTING opportunity. Giving you a high profit margin with little to no capital. You don’t need to hold or manage inventory. So, you only need to invest money in setting up your store, marketing and marketplace fees. 

Do I need to have the money upfront when dropshipping?

It’s not necessary to have money to drop ship products. Investing money HELP you speed boost the customer attraction process. It’s still possible to EARN from dropshipping with little to no upfront money.  

How do I find a reliable Temu supplier?

Make sure to check the seller account of Temu suppliers to see if they’re reliable. Review their customer feedback, customer satisfaction trends, and return policies. A reliable Temu seller provides the right balance between affordability and product quality. 

Can I sell Temu items on Amazon?

Yes. Selling Temu items on Amazon is a lucrative venture. You only need to create a Temu product listing on your Amazon account. And the best part about it is you’ll be tapping into Amazon’s MILLIONS of customers.

What’s Next

Temu houses millions of entrepreneurs wanting to venture into drop shipping. And although the platform LIMITS traditional dropshipping practices. Many business owners still leverage Temu to source profitable products. Helping them GROW their dropshipping business.

Ready to explore Temu’s VAST RANGE of affordable products?

Call Leeline! You find best-selling items and help you with branding and packaging. Grow your business at low prices!

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