Temu vs DHgate: Choose The Most Effective

The showdown between Temu vs DHgate is finally here! Temu has been WINNING hearts and pockets at UNREAL speed worldwide. DHgate is still the go-to eCommerce platform of many dropshipping veterans. 

THOUSANDS have waited to see which CORNER would win! 

I’m the eCommerce expert who acted as the SOLE judge and referee. Trying and testing their services through DOZENS of ordered packages to find the REAL WINNER. 


The undisputed champion? It’s Temu. Conducting business on its website and app is hassle-free. You find ULTRA-LOW prices, faster shipping and refund processing. 

Keep reading to choose your ideal platform.

Temu vs Dhgate

Temu vs DHgate: Quick Comparison

Temu Overview

Temu Overview

Introducing Temu, the rising platform in the online shopping world over the past year.

It’s a money-saving online shopping platform. Super EASY TO USE!  You create an account and log in to the Temu site or app. And you’re in for a seamless dive of CRAZY LOW PRICES and MIND-BLOWING DISCOUNTS.


PLENTY of mindblowing discounts. Including a generous amount of a $100 coupon bundle for NEW USERS. It also houses MILLIONS of cheap products. Ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Since Temu’s release in 2022, it has been growing FAST. In fact, Temu has already accumulated over 100 million users. And a total of 37 million DOWNLOADS on both Android and IOS. 

DHgate Overview

DHgate Overview

DHgate is one of the founding fathers of the eCommerce industry. 

The company has been around since 2004. And has continuously provided an AFFORDABLE shopping experience for its buyers. 

The historic Donhuang trading route inspires this platform’s name in China. One of the KEY PLACES that connected Chinese suppliers to the WORLD market. 

Similar to the trading route. DHgate is an efficient website for people who want to BUY AND SELL goods. And products offered by sellers are from factories in China. CUTTING OUT MIDDLEMEN. 

Contacting suppliers is also easy. You order customized quantities and deals best suited for your business. 

Temu vs DHgate: Key Differences

1. Website Interface

Can’t stand navigating through COMPLICATED online stores?

I have good news for you. Temu and DHgate offer easy-to-use website interfaces. Both prioritize USER-FRIENDLINESS.

To give you an idea. It’s as easy as ordering your favorite pizza on the internet. No complicated steps. No confusing listings. Only a smooth and stress-free shopping experience.

All categories are NEATLY DISPLAYED with clear product prices. You find relevant information on delivery, free returns, and wholesale prices. 

The only major difference is when you shop on their apps. 

Temu’s app is RESPONSIVE and lag-free. But DHgate’s app occasionally stops working. Sometimes, products won’t even load. Requiring me to wait a couple of minutes before I shop.

Verdict: Temu has a better app. Nonetheless, both platforms offer a good website.

2. Product Variety

Product Variety

Both TEMU and DHgte are powerhouses of product variety. 

They’re HOME to classic product categories. Such as fashion clothing, electronics, machinery, and accessories. 

Temu has more than 10 million products, and DHgate offers over 30 million listings. Average or medium-sized businesses won’t even fully explore these two OCEAN platforms.

Verdict: DHgate offers way more products than TEMU. But both are still MASSIVE platforms. 

3. Product Quality

TEMU and DHgates are like supermarkets. Holding mix-and-matched goods from almost every industry that exists. 

You can’t blame the grocery stores if the cereal you bought tastes bad, right?

Neither platform supervises the production of its products. INDEPENDENT sellers create listings on these websites. Likely Chinese factories and manufacturers. 

In fact, there’s a very high chance a seller on Temu also OWNS a business at DHgate. 

This brings the CONCLUSION that Temu and DHgate’s product quality is on par. A neck–to–neck competition with no CLEAR CUT winner. 

Verdict: There’s NO MAJOR DIFFERENCE between the product qualities of these platforms. 

4. Pricing 

Temu got MOST of its crazy fame from its ULTRA LOW PRICES. 

So, is it already the crowned winner of pricing? Not so easy.

Temu might be ATTRACTING a lot of attention from the regular customers. But DHgate is still the #1 choice of MANY drop shippers and reselling businesses. 


DHgate offers dirt-cheap wholesale prices for BULK orders. It’s HAVEN for wholesalers who prefer purchasing dozens of items at a time. 

Temu, on the other hand, offers AFFORDABLE individual items. It’s not too fond of BULK DISCOUNTS. Making it the go-to of regular consumers. Those who want to purchase items for PERSONAL USE only. 

Verdict: DHgate is cheaper for bulk orders. Temu has more competitive prices when buying for personal use. 

5. Payment Options

Payment Options

Temu checks off the boxes for ALL popular online payment methods. Making it SUPER EASY for anyone to purchase products. 

You use prepaid Visa cards, AMEX cards, and the classic CC. All transactions are SAFE. Being protected by fancy encryption tools and SSL and TLS protocols. 

Of course, DHgate is as safe as Temu. 

It’s been around for ALMOST two decades. Yet, I’ve never heard of digital breaches caused by this platform. 

Verdict: Both are EQUIPPED by super safe payment security tools. 

6. Shipping Price and Methods

It’s finally time to talk about the make-or-break factor for international marketplaces. The good old SHIPPING. 

Temu made this category its KINGMAKER. 

Ask any TEMU buyer why they love Temu. Half of the time, the answer would be: it’s free shipping. Yes, Temu doesn’t charge for its delivery MOST OF THE TIME. 

The free standard shipping is delivered within two weeks. The express shipping is MUCH FASTER and deliver your goods in one week. 

How does DHgate compare?

Not too well, unfortunately. DHgate very rarely offers free shipping. You must pay at least $2.99 per order for international delivery. 

Speed-wise, it’s average. You receive goods in two weeks as well. But expect accidental and unreported delays. I’ve had to wait over a month once. Since our DHgate package takes too long to be delivered to our U.S. warehouse. 

Verdict: TEMU offers much faster and much cheaper shipping. 

7. Return and Refund Policy

Not every product we grab on the internet is worth our money. Luckily, Temu gives you a 90-day window to decide if the item is a keeper or not.

Whether it’s a sizing issue or a change of heart, Temu’s returns process is as SMOOTH as butter. Here’s how:

  1. Inform Temu’s customer support about the returns. Through email, app, or website.
  2. Pack the item in its original box with invoices and tags intact. 
  3. Attach a return label.
  4. Drop the package at the nearest courier station. 
  5. You’ll typically receive your refund within one week.

DHgate’s refunds and return process is ALMOST the same as Temu’s. Their return window is 90 days as well. But a LONGER processing time of 10 days.

Quick heads up. Items like personal hygiene, groceries, swimwear, and undies AREN’T ELIGIBLE for refunds.

Verdict: Temu provides faster refund processing.

8. Customer Support

Customer Support

I usually have low expectations when contacting the customer support of eCommerce platforms. But to my surprise, Temu and DHgate customer service teams were better than expected. 

Both offer informational articles to help YOU source the products you need. (As you likely tell, I love blogs.) Plus, you TALK to their customer support on the phone. 

To give you a reference: it’s now ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to call Amazon support

Temu’s responsiveness is faster compared to DHgate. But, I give both platforms an A+ score for fixing the issues I encountered on their sites. 

Verdict: I’m satisfied with the customer support of both websites. But Temu responds a little faster. 

Temu and DHgate Summary

FeatureTemu DHgate
Website InterfaceEasy-to-use, responsive appEasy to navigate but occasional app issues
Product VarietyOver 10 million productsOver 30 million listings
Product QualityOn par, both rely on independent sellersNo significant difference
PricingCompetitive for individual itemsPreferred for bulk orders, wholesale prices
Payment OptionsSecure with popular methodsEquipped with secure payment tools
Shipping Prices and MethodsOften free, faster deliveryCharges for delivery, occasional delays
Return and Refund Policy90-day return, refund in 2-7 days90-day return, refund in 10 days
Customer FeedbackResponsive, better than expectedSatisfactory, Temu is more responsive

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

People Also Ask About Temu vs Taobao

Is Temu superior to DHgate?

Both platforms have their unique ADVANTAGE. DHgate brings you CLOSER to Chinese suppliers. And Temu is a good starting point for low-priced products and high discounts.

Is it possible to get scammed on DHgate?

Yes, scams are common when purchasing online. So do a bit of RESEARCH to AVOID this situation. Take a quick glimpse of the seller’s product review. Everything that you need to know is in there. 

Can you drop ship on DHgate?

Yes., DHgate is a popular dropshipping platform. And a go-to choice for MILLIONS of drop shippers. Unlike Temu, you receive full support for your journey. DHgate provides flexible payment terms, integration with other platforms, and cheap items. 

Are there any hidden fees or charges when using Temu and DHgate?

No. Both platforms are transparent, especially when it comes to their PRICING. To ensure you’re not getting charged for anything. REVIEW your order summary before checkout.

What’s Next

Temu and DHgate are prominent eCommerce marketplaces. The choice of which platform is better depends on your needs. Choose Temu for discounts and crazy deals. And DHgate for your dropshipping store.

Ready to make money online?

Call Leeline! Grow your business with in-demand products. Earn high profits on DHgate and Temu!

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