Temu vs Shein Review: Which One Is Better? 

It’s time for the BATTLE of the lowest-priced online marketplace model: Temu VS Shein. 

Temu’s LOW-PRICE products took the world by storm in 2022. And Shein’s fast fashion items gained extensive exposure around 2020. 

But which platform emerges victorious?

My sourcing team gives you the CLEARCUT WINNER. Ordered and reviewed the SAME PRODUCTS from the two platforms. 

Now for the big reveal…

Temu wins this battle with its wide range of product categories. The free shipping, free returns, and a $5 credit even make it MORE ENTICING.

Read on to choose the platform suited for your business!

Temu vs Shein

Temu vs Shein: Quick Comparison

Temu Overview

Temu Overview

Temu is a Boston-based shopping app that’s been making waves in the e-commerce industry. 

It boasts an expansive digital marketplace of AFFORDABLE PRODUCTS. Spanning over 250 categories. And aims to provide a welcoming and secure space for consumers. 

Temu is a vital help for people dealing with HIGHER PRICES. However, its growth has triggered speculation and controversies. Just like its biggest rival, Shein. 

Both business models are CURRENTLY ENTANGLED in a legal dispute in the United States. Linking their names about having a “very high risk” of forced labor in goods sold in Temu. 

Shein Overview

Shein Overview

Shein has become the most Googled clothing brand. Beating out BIG NAMES like Nike and Adidas. It also outshines fast fashion companies like Zara and Macy’s in online sales. As per a report from Money.co.uk. 

But here’s the twist…

Despite its popularity, Shein FACES REPORTS for not respecting human rights. And having an environmentally questionable business model. 

But why is it that people are still flocking to Shein?

The secret seems to be its extensive range of affordable clothing options. Shein also ships its AFFORDABLE CLOTHING to more than 150 countries

Its business model resembles Amazon’s. Bringing together THOUSANDS of Chinese factories. Now, it has become an online megastore for HOT-SELLING items.

Temu vs Shein: Key Differences

1. Website Interface

The LIFEBLOOD of any website is the customer experience

I’ve witnessed numerous websites struggle. Only to thrive once they put customers at the forefront. 

Luckily, Temu offers a comprehensive platform, much like online superstore eBay or Amazon. It SHOWCASES various sections of everyday goods and personalized recommendations. 

Shein uses a smart recommendation system as well. Suggesting products ALIGNED with user interests. Particularly matching demand targeted to the Gen Z influencers showcasing their products. 

Verdict: It’s a close match. But go for Temu if you want a broader range of product recommendations.

2. Product Variety

When it comes to PRODUCT DIVERSITY, Temu takes the crown. It offers a broader range of top brands of footwear and pet supplies compared to Shein. Making Temu a one-stop shop for everything you need. 

Heads up, trendy clothing in Temu might not scream “branded quality.” But the affordability factor makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Shein, on the other hand, is a powerhouse in the fast fashion industry. Offering an EXTENSIVE RANGE from beauty accessories to apparel. ALL at pocket-friendly prices. 

The only downside is you can’t find many products there, unlike Temu. I tried searching for electronic products but found nothing but accessories. 

Verdict: Temu excels in variety, ensuring you find affordable products you need.

3. Product Quality

Product Quality

I never compromise product quality. When sourcing products for businesses, quality is always my PRIORITY. 

So I took the comparison of this category SERIOUSLY. The outcome? Shein and Temu are neck and neck. Of course, their products are not as good as HIGH-END brands out there. 

But they pass as decent quality goods. I’m talking about THICK fabrics. Functioning electronics. And great color quality. 

Remember, though: SUPPLIER IS KEY. It all depends, at the end of the day, on WHO PRODUCES products. Regardless of your chosen shopping online marketplace. PICK the wrong supplier, and product quality suffers.

Verdict: It’s a tie. 

4. Pricing 

It’s NO SECRET that BOTH Temu and Shein gained popularity due to their UNREAL PRICES. But… WHO actually has the crown? 

SHEIN, the fast fashion master? Or TEMU, the all-inclusive discounted paradise?


Temu offers much more affordable prices. Not to mention POCKET-SAVING free items and free delivery offers! 

Sure, Shein is ALCO CHEAP and offers virtually everything. But remember, its competitors are often EXPENSIVE. Think about Zara or H&M. 

The fashion e-commerce industry is NOT ALWAYS cheap. So, SHEIN has no real reason to DUG DEEPER into discounts. It’s already affordable. 

Temu products, though, compete in ALL eCommerce industry. So, it offers the CHEAPEST RATES out there. Securing Chinese and American consumers from all sectors.

Verdict: Temu is the KING of cheap prices. 

5. Payment Options

Payment Options

Don’t want to GAMBLE with your payment info? Then opt for an e-commerce site with top-notch security. 

Ready for the reveal?

Temu ensures ULTIMATE PAYMENT SECURITY through various options. Such as credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Klarna. The real gem? SSL and TLS encryption. Guaranteeing safe transactions and steering clear of scams.

Now, let’s peek at Shein. 

Although it offers a few options like credit cards, PayPal, and Buy Now, Pay Later. It boasts robust security layers that fend off hackers. Promising you the highest security for purchases. 

Verdict: It’s a tie! Both Temu and Shein rock excellent security measures.

7. Shipping Price and Methods

Temu and Shein offer VARIOUS shipping options like standard, expedited, and free shipping. Catering to diverse customer needs. 

Delivery process on both Chinese e-commerce platforms depends on many factors. Like location, chosen shipping, and customs procedures. 

You choose express shipping, which is FASTER, but it may incur extra costs. Or the standard option that is more economical but takes longer. 

Temu excels in speedy shipping. Some customers receive orders in as little as six days. And the MAJORITY within fifteen days. Shein takes a somewhat SLOWER APPROACH. Delivering products within 7 to 15 days. 

Verdict: Temu ships faster.

8. Return and Refund Policy

I once had a change of heart when I ordered T-shirts in Temu due to low quality. But thanks to Temu’s comprehensive customer protection program. Returning the item was very easy. 

Temu provides users with a generous 90-day window for RETURNS. If you ever spot an issue, don’t worry; it’s a FREE RETURN! No cost whatsoever!

Meanwhile, Shein only provides users 35 days to return items. This involves generating RETURN LABELS. And paying the return shipping at your OWN EXPENSE.

Verdict: Temu walks away as the clear winner. Offering a 90-day return window and free shipping for every first return.

9. Customer Support

Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, Temu wins customers with its personalized touch. 

You have real conversations with customer agents. Discuss issues and receive prioritized solutions 24/7. 

Temu even adds a dash of sweetness by offering COMPENSATION. Giving you an unexpected treat of $5-10 for LATE PRODUCT DELIVERY. 

On the flip side, Shein’s reliance on automated messages falls short. Earning CRITICISM for its less-than-satisfactory consumer experience. 

Verdict: Temu wins with its 24/7 customer support. 

Temu and Shein Summary

FeatureTemu SheinWinner
Website InterfaceComprehensive and showcases a range of product categories Uses a smart recommendation systemTemu
Product VarietyBroader range of productsWide range but limited in some areasTemu
Product QualityBoth is neck and neck, decent qualityQuality depends on the supplierTemu
PricingMore affordable, pocket-saving offersAffordable, but less discountedTemu
Payment OptionsUltimate payment security, various optionsRobust security measures but limited payment optionsTemu
Shipping Prices and MethodsVarious shipping options, faster shippingVarious options, but somewhat slowerTemu
Return and Refund PolicyGenerous 90-day window, free return35-day window, return shipping at own costTemu
Customer Support24/7 support, compensation for late deliveryRelies on automated messagesTemu

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People Also Ask About Temu vs Shein

Is Temu the same as Shein?

No. Temu operates as a 3P MODEL offering a range of affordable items. Shein offers competitively priced clothing and a fast fashion company. And It adapts a 1P MODEL offering trendy clothing. 

Is Temu also a fast fashion company?

No, Temu isn’t in the business of making clothes. It operates as an online marketplace, hosting independent third-party sellers. These sellers bring forth a WIDE ARRAY of products at low prices. Spanning over 200 CATEGORIES.

Does Temu provide free shipping?

Yes. Many consumers love Temu for offering free shipping on orders above $129. Apart from that, shipping on your FIRST RETURN is also free! Unlike Shein, you need to handle it yourself.

What’s Next

Shein and Temu both have different business models and business practices.

Both offer affordable prices, gaining WIDESPREAD POPULARITY among millions of users. 

But if I were to choose the best platform for your dropshipping biz. I recommend Temu. Its low prices and range of product categories make Temu our TOP CHOICE.

Ready to dropship on Temu and Shein?

Call Leeline, Our agents offer the best dropshipping support. You get transparent quotations in 48 hours!

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