Temu vs Wish: Which One Is Best For You?

Temu vs Wish online reviews are often misleading or tricky. So we wrote this article to bring you CLARITY and save you money on all your purchases.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with 10+ years of dropshipping experience. You’ll pinpoint the NOTABLE DIFFERENCES between Temu and Wish for your next purchase.

Therefore, I declare Temu as the CLEAR WINNER between the two. Offering incredibly low prices, flash sales, and fast shipping speed. But WISH also has some perks including RARE popular branded items you SCORE big profits on. 

Let’s dive in so you get some great deals on Temu and Wish alike.

Temu vs Wish

Temu vs Wish: Quick Introduction

Temu Overview

Temu Overview

Temu is an online shopping gem popular for offering LOW-PRICED products. 

People have been flocking to Temu’s site since its release. Gathering a whopping 100 million active users. And a MONTHLY VISIT hitting around 286.6 million up to date. 

Browsing through this popular e-commerce platform is like stumbling on gold mine products. From clothes and jewelry to home stuff and gadgets. And the majority of these tempting finds are SHIPPED DIRECTLY from China.

Plus, Temu GOES ALL OUT with discounts, flash deals, and seasonal sales. Giving you a taste of profitable online shopping without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Wish Overview

Wish Overview

Now, let’s turn our attention to Wish. A veteran online marketplace that set its roots in the United States. And has since spread its popularity across MAJOR COUNTRIES worldwide.

Like Temu, Wish is your go-to for various products at AFFORDABLE PRICES. So, whether you’re on the hunt for electronics, fashion, pet supplies, or chic home decor. Wish VAST SELECTIONS of products are sure to meet your needs and budget.

Wish links buyers from around the world with suppliers hailing from China and beyond. But for international shipping. You need a bit of patience, as our products take longer to arrive, unlike Temu. 

Fret not. Wish isn’t a disappointment at all. We receive discounts on their shipping options. 

Temu vs Wish: Key Differences

It’s time to make a comprehensive comparison of the key features of Temu and WISH. Knowing their notable differences helps you make informed decisions. Making your online shopping experience SAFER, CHEAPER and more profitable. 

1. Website Interface

I can’t be the only one who HATES complicated eCommerce platforms. You stare at the screen with a BUNCH of images, prices and colors. Not knowing how to buy the stuff you need from the online shopping world. 

LUCKILY, both Temu and Wish have well-organized interfaces. Slightly different styles. But both are still EQUALLY organized despite their VAST range of items. 

The TEMU app and site organize its items by specific product categories. And further SUBDIVIDES each category. Making it super easy to FIND the individual product pages you need. 

WISH, on the other hand, has more GENERIC categories. Beauty products, for example, are under “BEAUTY” on the WISH platform. 

Wherein TEMU further specifies the subcategories of Beauty. Starting from oral care, skincare, and beauty tools. 

Verdict: The two platforms are both easy to use. But TEMU offers a much easier way to find different categories and products. 

2. Product Variety 

Product Variety

As popular e-commerce marketplace with a VAST number of suppliers from China. BOTH Temu and Wish offer various categories of products. On both platforms, you expect to find the classics. Such as pet supplies, car accessories, and clothes. 

If you’re not looking for a SUPER NICHE item. You use these two platforms with ease. 

But TEMU is king for those who focus on option diversity. Often, Temu offers up to 50% more options than WISH offers. 


Although WISH doesn’t have the widest product range. It offers the products that are hardest to find.  

I had a client who tried searching EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY of popular online marketplaces. All to find sexual wellness products and smoke-related items to resell.

The process was NO LESS HARDER than finding a needle in the haystack. Until I introduced him to WISH. It housed the most unconventional products. MUCH rarer than other goods. WISH made him generate more profits than other online marketplaces. 

Verdict: Temu for variety and Wish for rarity. 

3. Product Quality 

TEMU and WISH alike are nothing but popular platforms. This means they serve as the bridge between sellers and you. 

They don’t actually produce the items you receive. Because of this, there’s no telling which platform provides BETTER product quality. Often, sellers from TEMU also sell on Wish. 

So, you’ll get the exact same product regardless of where you buy it. 

Want to always receive high product quality? Make sure to research before you buy. Don’t underestimate the power of product reviews, ratings and descriptions. They’re the FINE LINE that helps you separate GOOD purchases from lower-quality goods. 

Verdict: The two platforms offer similar product quality. 

4. Pricing 


Both Wish and Temu offer competitive prices to their users. Perfect for BARGAIN HUNTERS. Wanting to have higher profit margins for their businesses. 

But, if I am to choose a winner. It would be TEMU, the rising star of this comparison. Temu’s main SALES-DRIVING strategy is its low-priced products. So, this eCommerce platform never runs out of DEEP DISCOUNTS and FREE SHIPPING.

It’s gonna be a STEEP CHALLENGE to find lower prices anywhere else.

Verdict: If CHEAP PRICES are your priority, go for Temu.

5. Payment Options

Good news, bargain hunters! BOTH Temu and WISH accommodate most payment outlets online. I’m talking about debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major credit cards. 

For online payments, safety is always a #1 concern. The horror stories of hackers and scammers don’t help reduce these worries. 

But trust me, as a decade-long sourcing agent. Buying from TEMU and WISH alike is completely safe. Temu offers world-class encryption and SSL certificates. Securing the connection between your device and its website. 

WISH also doesn’t store your payment information. Instead, it relays the responsibility to top-rated payment service providers. Like PayPal and Adyen. You enjoy the peace of mind of SAFE SHOPPING. 

6. Shipping Method and Cost

Both Temu and Wish primarily source products from China. But the shipping experiences differ.

For Temu, expect a 6 to 25-day wait. Standard Shipping is OFTEN FREE. And Express Shipping is complimentary for orders above $129

Tracking your orders is EASY, and if they’re late? You’ll receive a $5 credit.

Wish, on the other hand, is a bit of a shipping mystery. Costs DEPEND on size, weight, and destination, popping up at checkout. Some products boast 15-30 day arrivals. And your package might surprise you in 7 days or keep you on edge for 45.

Verdict: Temu takes the crown for speed, delivering in 1-3 weeks. Leaving Wish in the dust at 4-5 weeks.

7. Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

Here’s the unfortunate truth about some products that we order online. They either don’t meet our expectations or have durability issues. So, we tested both Temu and Wish to see which one LEADS the refund policy. 

Temu stands out with a 30-day return policy, making it a CLEAR WINNER. 

Returning low-quality items is a snap. Go visit “Your Orders,” click Return/Refund, and it’ll provide you with a RETURN LABEL. The best part? The FIRST RETURN is on the house. 

Meanwhile, Wish also offers a 30-day policy. But it LACKS the same tracking options as Temu. Temu’s hassle-free and transparent refund process places it in the winner’s circle. 

Verdict: Both Temu and Wish promise refunds within two weeks. But Temu EDGES AHEAD with a more user-friendly experience.

8. Customer Feedback

Now, let’s talk about what previous customers have to say about Wish and Temu.  

My team has done some digging and read customer reviews. In a nutshell, both platforms have their share of red flags. But the good news is, positive reviews OUTWEIGH the negatives.

In the case of Temu. Customers paint a picture of a responsive and helpful customer service team. Many users COMMEND the platform to address concerns in less than 24 hours.

Now, with regards to Wish, satisfaction levels are a MIXED BAG. Some users appreciate the speed of response. But some report a bit of a lag in response time. Leaving a few disappointed.

Verdict: Temu offers a FASTER response time. Providing customer support 24/7. 

Temu and Wish: Summary

FeatureTemu Wish
Website InterfaceWell-organized, detailed categories.Generic categories, less detailed.
Product VarietyBroad range, often 50% more options.Emphasizes rare and hard-to-find products.
Product QualityBoth platforms connect buyers with sellers. Similar quality.Quality depends on sellers; research and reviews are crucial.
PricingTemu focuses on low prices, frequent discounts, and free shipping.Competitive prices, known for deep discounts.
Payment OptionsSecured acceptance of various payment methodsUses top-rated payment providers for security.
Shipping Method and Cost6-25 days for Temu. Often, free standard shipping and complimentary express Shipping over $129.Wish’s shipping costs vary. 15-30 days delivery.
Return and Refund Policy30-day return policy, hassle-free, first return free.30-day policy, some tracking lacks.
Customer FeedbackPositive reviews for Temu’s responsive customer service within 24 hours.Mixed feedback, varying response times. 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

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People Also Ask About Temu vs Wish

Why is Temu so cheap?

Most of Temu’s products are shipped from China, where production costs are often LOWER. Temu also cuts down intermediaries. In return, you’ll get TONS of discounts and find products at lower prices. 

Which platform is safer to buy products from?

Both Temu and Wish are safe platforms to conduct business with. Temu’s platform offers TOP-RATED encryptions to safeguard your payment details. And, Wish uses the help of payment service providers to safely receive your payments. 

Is Temu more popular than Wish?

At the moment, YES. Temu’s positive reviews have been on a CRAZY SPIKE for the past few months. It’s much newer than other online marketplaces. Generating more interest from various countries in the world. 

Are Temu products better than Wish? 

Both platforms offer similar product qualities. Since they only offer a selling platform for suppliers. They don’t manage product qualities. Check product reviews online to guarantee quality. And always research and buy from authorized sellers.

What’s Next

Temu and Wish are both very popular with shoppers and business owners. BUT Temu is a MUCH-PREFERRED choice. As it offers a more user-friendly interface, faster shipping times and lower prices.

Ready to start your dropshipping on Temu?

Call Leeline! Our sourcing agents provide the best assistance you need. Find products at affordable prices and increase your REVENUE.

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