Instagram Statistics: The GAME-CHANGING platform in 2024

Instagram has ACHIEVED in 10 years of its ARRIVAL what other social media platforms can’t. For example, in 2020, it hit the MARK of 1 billion active USERS. 

And guess now, where it will be? 

According to Statista, Instagram has 1.35 BILLION users, making up 28% of the world’s users. By 2025, it will contribute around 31% of the POPULATION. I guess it is NO LONGER a way to touch 2 billion monthly active users as well. 

That is something the BEST ABOUT social platforms like Instagram. 

Are you curious to know more about the LATEST Instagram statistics for 2023? Great! This article is the PERFECT PLACE. You’ll get Instagram statistics for 2023 and upcoming years. 

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Key Instagram Statistics

Instagram is in the RACE of the TOP social platforms. Do you know what makes it the BEST PHOTO sharing app? It is the average engagement rate that is QUITE high. All thanks to the Instagram stories and reels. 

In the UPCOMING years, Instagram will lead the social platforms. And become number one due to its ENGAGEMENT rate. 

Want to know more HOT statistics about Instagram? 

Here are: 

  • Instagram ads REACH is relatively high. Among the SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, Instragm is on the Fourth rank. It has achieved 1.38 billion ad views. The FIRST RANK goes to the facebook. 2.85 BILLION Facebook users have checked ADs. The second number is YOUTUBE, with 2.29 billion USERS. The third is WHATSAPP, with 1.6 billion USERS. 
  • Instagram has 1.35 BILLION monthly active users accessing the Instagram app. 
  • Five hundred million Instagram USERS access the Instagram app daily. 
  • The Instagram story has BECOME a Popular factor for its success. It has even CROSSED its social competitor, SnapChat. Around 500 million INSTAGRAM users check Instagram stories daily. At the same time, the previous RECORD was Snapchat. On Snapchat, 150 MILLION access the stories. 
  • 23.92% of the TOTAL internet users access the Instagram app monthly. 
  • Instagram users SPEND around 29 minutes daily. The adults below 25 spend 32 minutes daily. They BROWSE instagram reels and stories. 
  • Instagram now has 450 employees. That includes the TECHNICAL ENGINEERS and other management staff. It is less than what FACEBOOK has for its staff. In comparison, Facebook has 58000 employees
  • Influencer marketing is QUITE popular on Instagram. And Ronaldo leads the CHARTS in terms of Instagram followers. Over 500 million INSTAGRAM users follow Ronaldo. It is 33% of the Total Instagram users
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Instagram users statistics

Instagram users VARY from age to age. You can’t find all the INSTAGRAM users to be the ADULT. There are age variations among the different users. 

And it is the BEST for businesses to TARGET age-based Instagram audiences. Let’s check out Instagram statistics regarding AGE-based users. 

  • The highest percentage of Instagram users belong to the age group of 25-34. That is around 31.5%. 
  • The second most INSTAGRAM users are under the age of 25. The 18-24 age group has a 30.1% contribution, making the SECOND PLACE on the list. 
  • The third rank is 35-44. Its contribution is 16.1%. It is PRETTY HIGH compared to other age users. 
  • The fourth rank is of the age group 13-17. Its contribution is 8.5%. It is not LESS compared to the other age groups. 
  • Other THREE AGE GROUPS make a total contribution of 13.6%. In that, the maximum contribution comes from the age GROUP of 45-54. It is 8%. The minimum number of Instagram users belongs to the 65+ age group. The contribution is 2.1%. At the same time, 3.6% of the USERS are of the 55-64 age group. 
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Instagram usage statistics

Instagram has an ENGAGING FACTOR. Do you know the reason? There are tons of reasons I have researched about. 

  • Instagram stories are pretty engaging. 
  • Instagram reels, especially the MEMES, are pretty popular. 
  • Instagram videos give an excellent message. 
  • An Instagram post connects Instagram users better. 

Based on these factors, the average engagement rate is QUITE high. Instagram users SPEND hours browsing Instagram videos. 

Here are some real-time Instagram statistics highlighting my point. 

  • Instagram is ON THE FIFTH rank in terms of time spent. Users spend 12 hours per MONTH browsing instagram video posts. TikTok is on the FIRST RANK with 23.5 hours spent per user per month. YouTube is second but also has similar statistics. The time spent on YouTube is 23.1 hours. People use FACEBOOK 19.7 hours per month. While WhatsApp Messenger for 17.3 hours per month. 
  • Americans aged 18-25 have a QUITE high Instagram usage. They spend 5.5 HOURS per week browsing Instagram stories and reels. (Measure Protocol)
  • INSTAGRAM influences Children in the UK. According to Qustodio, aged 4-15 years children usage Instagram 40 minutes daily. 
  • An INSTAGRAM POST is highly engaging, having an AVERAGE rate of 5.86%. In comparison, the AVERAGE engagement rate for a business post is 0.67% among all the INDUSTRIES
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Instagram content statistics

Instagram content is of MULTIPLE TYPES. For example: 

  • Instagram stories. 
  • Instagram photo posts. 
  • Video posts. 
  • Carousel posts. 
  • Instagram reels. 

All of them are SIGNIFICANT in engaging the Instagram accounts. Here is the REAL-TIME data about them. 

  • According to the Data, 50 billion PLUS images are on Instagram. Based on increasing Instragm’s audience, it will be MORE in upcoming years. 
  • Instagram accounts upload more than 1,000 images every single second. It is 1074 images POSTED on Instagram. 
  • Images are the MOST popular types of Instagram posts. All Instagram feed posts have 68% exposure to the IMAGE POSTS. 
  • Carousel posts are TOPPER of the engagement. They have an AVERAGE engagement rate of 1.08%. On the other hand, photo posts are SECOND on rank for average engagement rate. They have 0.81% engagement of TOTAL posts. Video posts are on the LOWEST count. 0.61% is the engagement rate of such posts. 
  • Some photos have the FACES, while others don’t. It depends on the Instagram accounts what they POST. However, engagement is BETTER for the image posts. They get 38% more LIKES compared to non-photos. 
Instagram Statistics 20230920 04

Instagram business&ads statistics

Instagram revenue per STORY is increasing over the YEARS. The reason behind it is the interest of the BUSINESS to Instagram’s target audience. Plus,  influencer MARKETING is on the rise. 

That is why businesses are investing THOUSANDS of bucks for Instagram’s advertising audience. 

Here are some statistics related to Instagram ads business. 

  • Instagram story ads revenue was 4.32 USD in 2019. In 2020, it showed an INCREASE of 59.8%. It became 6.9 USD
  • In 2021, the rise of INSTAGRAM STORIES ADS revenue was QUITE high, around 11.43 USD. It is a 65.6% increase compared to the PREVIOUS year. 
  • In 2022, it reached the NEW LEVELS OF 15.95 USD per user. However, the change was less than in previous years’ stats. It was 39.5% compared to 65.6% in the PREVIOUS YEAR
  • In 2023, Instagram revenue has INCREASED to 20.03 USD per user. But it is still less than the previous year. 
  • Nine out of TEN’s Instagram accounts follow AT LEAST one brand. It helps businesses reach an Instagram audience. Around 90% of the USERS follow BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. 
  • 8 out of 10 consumers SEARCH for products. It helps them FIND better products. And purchase them. 
Instagram Statistics 20230920 05

Instagram trend&project statistics

Instagram is on the FOURTH PLACE. It won’t be there soon. I am sure it is GOING to level up sooner or later. In the past few years, it hasn’t seen the SAME. Over the years, it has climbed THE MOUNTAIN regarding monthly users. 

Many trends are enlightening the OVERALL strength of Instagram. Here are some of the TRENDS of Instagram over the years. 

  • From 2015 to 2022, Instagram has NOTICED 1000% or more GROWTH. In 2015, it had a REVENUE of 500 Million USD. In 2022, it crossed 50 BILLION USD MARK, reaching 51.4 Billion USD
  • Instagram has grown its USERS by 10X in a DECADE. In 2013, it had 110 million USERS active. In 2023, it had 1.35 BILLION users. That is more than a 1030% increase in the NUMBER of users. It has shown an INCREASE of 100 million users from up to 2017. Later, the NUMBER OF USERS increased by 300 MILLION plus. 
  • From 2015 to 2023, Instagram has ACCOUNTED for 45% of Meta’s revenue. In 2015, it contributed 3.3% of the TOTAL Meta revenue. Now, it has crossed the 45% of the TOTAL contribution. 

Instagram brand statistics

Instagram is a POPULAR platform due to Instagram ads. It has topped the chart of social MEDIA MARKETING for businesses. 

Here are some statistics regarding brand RESEARCH by social media users. 

  • 60.9% of SOCIAL MEDIA users watch brands on Instagram. It is the NUMBER ONE rank for social media marketing. 
  • 55.2% of the users WATCH brands on Facebook. That is quite a high ratio. It is SECOND on the list. 
  • 38.1% of the USERS look for brands on Pinterest. It is a THIRD-RANKED social media platform. 
  • Twitter is the fourth-ranked social media platform for marketing. 37.9% of the USERS look for brands on Twitter. 
Instagram Statistics 20230920 06

Instagram Influencers statistics

Do you want to make money on Instagram? Influencer marketing is on the TOP, just like TikTok. Brands invest in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING strategy. And engage ACTIVE INSTAGRAM users. 

Here are some stats regarding the Instagram user STATISTICS. 

  • The average earnings of the INFLUENCERS on Instagram is $100 to $3857. THEY make money by promotion of BRANDED products. 
  • Celebrities with 500K plus followers have the MOST earnings. Their story can make up to 3.13K USD. Their single Instagram post generates up to 2K USD. And video posts can earn them 721 USD
  • Influencers having 30K to 500K followers are SECOND on the rank in terms of making the highest bucks. They generate 775 USD from a story. 507 USD from Instagram posts. And 210 USD from the VIDEO
  • Influencers having 5K to 30K followers are third on the rank in terms of making the highest bucks. They generate 219 USD from a story. 172 USD from Instagram posts. And 73 USD from the VIDEO.
  • Nono-influencers, having 500 to 5K followers, are fourth in making the highest bucks. They generate 114 USD from a story. 100 USD from Instagram posts. And 43 USD from the VIDEO.
Instagram Statistics 20230920 07

Instagram follower statistics

Want to buy a product? Head over to the Instagram. Check the TOP INFLUENCERS. And make the decision. 

That is what 47% of the AMERICAN buyers are doing. Want to know more stats like that? Get them here. 

  • 90% of the USERS follow brands on Instagram. It helps them KNOW the new deals and purchase inventory. 
  • 80% of the users OPEN Instagram for one PURPOSE. Buy the new products in the MARKET by checking reviews. 
  • 23% of the GLOBAL BUYERS use Instagram to check the new DEALS. And make the purchase. 
Instagram Statistics 20230920 08

Instagram posting statistics

Want to get maximum post views? 

There is a specific time to MAXIMALLY ENGAGE Instagram users. The point at night does not mean you’ll get the MOST VIEWS. Here is some verified data on the BEST POSTING time on Instagram. 

  • Thursday is the BEST day to post on Instagram in the week. It gets the maximum engagement among the users. You can compare it to the OTHER DAYS. 
  • There is a SPECIFIC TIME DURING WHICH engagement is maximum. 5 AM is the BEST time. Other favorable times include 11 AM, NOON 3 PM, AND 4 PM is the best time. You’ll get the BEST ENGAGEMENT. And possibly total views and comments. 
Instagram Statistics 20230920 09

What’s Next

Social media is FULL OF USERS. In the B2B, you need to know the INSIGHTS BEFORE MOVING forward. And stats are the GAME CHANGERS, then. 

Do you want to know more exciting statistics? 

Go through our website. You’ll get VERIFIED DATA on different statistics. 

Check it out! 

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