B2B Marketing Statistics:Data-Driven Decisions in 2024

Marketing is a MAGIC WAND FOR any BUSINESS promotion m. Don’t know many people about your Business? Don’t lose hope as marketing is there, DOING WONDERS

Even the businesses are flowing money like water into marketing. Why? Because it generates fruitful results. Better BUSINESS popularity. More conversions. More sales. 

Even the STATISTA has published B2B marketing statistics. During 2023, B2B marketing spending just crossed 3.7 billion MARK. It reached 3.74 billion USD

History is filled up with such marketing spend data! Want to know in detail? 

Great! Let’s start all about the B2B MARKETING efforts for DATA! 

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General B2B Marketing Statistics

The trends have CHANGED A LOT. It won’t be wrong if I say now is the mirror of the previous trends. For instance, prior USERS designed a marketing strategy and gave ads in newspapers and printing media. But now! 

Everything is online. Even a buyer does RESEARCH before making a purchase. Online INTERESTS have made the B2B marketers design an online CONTENT marketing strategy. 

Do you want to know how marketing strategy has changed for CREATING brand awareness? Take a look! 

  • 61% of the B2B market is online. And a BUYER does not randomly purchase. He TAKES at least 12 online resources for research. And purchases a product that catches his interest! 
  • Many B2B marketers are implementing Marketing efforts toward online RESOURCES. They have been doing so for at least the last five years. In 2023 and beyond, it is expected to grow B2B marketers’ interest in ONLINE marketing efforts! 
  • Customer experience is the VITAL to a business. No matter what type of business you are RUNNING, excellent customer experience is critical. If you provide, the inflow of consumers will always be OPTIMAL. 86% of the B2B marketers agree with this fact. 
  • Focus on just the CUSTOMER experience can increase your sales. How many? Almost 5-10% more sales are there with the increased consumer experience! 
  • Only 6% of the B2B companies join hands with other COMPANIES. Strengthen their networks. And amplify their growth with the JOINT efforts. 
  • 62% of the B2B companies have JOINED hands with digital ventures and other businesses. Doing so increases their BROAD spectrum of the inventory. And helps them increase conversions with more INDUSTRIES. 
  • 66% of the B2B marketers have focused on the customer experience. And they say marketing teams can BETTER concentrate on consumer experience to drive sales! 
General B2B Marketing Statistics

B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing is not just murmuring about a BLOG post. As a WHOLE, content creation is an IDEA to engage online searches. Get Google users to read your CONTENT. And compel them to make a PURCHASE. 

It even helps in customer relationships and has BORE FRUITS for many businesses. Businesses have IMPLEMENTED content marketing efforts to achieve marketing goals. 

So, what includes the CONTENT marketing? It consists of the content creation of any Form. Any FORM— VIDEO content, BLOG POST, or audio! 

Data proves it! Read it! 

  • In 2022, video traffic has been the MOST popular content marketing strategy. It showed that 82% of the B2B buyers have their traffic. From 2017, it is almost 73% up.
  • Not every business uses CONTENT marketing as a part of their digital market strategy. Almost 97% of the B2B companies keep Content marketing in their digital marketing. Only 3% of B2B companies don’t include it in their DIGITAL marketing strategy. 
  • B2B buyers research online before they purchase any PRODUCT. As per the data, 90% of the buyers do 2-7 searches for their products. 
  • 66% of the B2B marketing teams have at least three decision-makers. They help DECIDE their future digital marketing strategies. 
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B2B Email Marketing Statistics

Who is not a BIG fan of email marketing? It is one of the most famous and productive methods for digital marketing. 

Most B2B buyers don’t respond in one email. Therefore, B2B marketers send multiple EMAILS. Try to get their response. And promote their products. 

Do you want to know the MAGIC of email marketing? Here it is; 

  • 47% of MARKETERS keep email marketing as their top priority. Reason? It gets them FASTER results and better responses from the TARGET audience. 
  • 73% of the US millennial population takes DECISIONS through emails. You can send them EXCITING offers and get the expected results. 
  • 90% of the B2B marketers put CUSTOMER needs at the top of email marketing. 
  • It takes an AVERAGE of 3 hours and 55 minutes for the email MARKETING campaign design. Some B2B companies might take more time to design a perfect STRATEGY for their content marketing! 
  • 81% of the B2B marketers voted for NEWSLETTERS to be the best part of their email marketing strategies. It brings them better results in content MARKETING. 
  • 66% of the B2B buyers focus on the PRODUCT features. In an email, B2B marketers can entice them to Buy through product specs! 
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B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social media PLATFORMS have been a BIGGER source for content marketing. Not only content marketing but also: 

  • Influencer marketing. 
  • Video content marketing
  • Paid advertising

There are tons of marketing types you can do on SOCIAL media. Guess what? Which platform should be the MOST popular, according to you? Facebook? Nope. It isn’t. Businesses have a DIFFERENT focus to create brand awareness. Thus, it differs from B2C marketing, where Facebook leads the charts. 

Here is the social media Content marketing data! 

  • YouTube is the number ONE choice for B2B marketers in influencer marketing. They can BETTER target the B2B buyers and use marketing automation to bring results. After that, B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn due to its better results. 
  • In terms of VERY EFFECTIVE social media marketing, LinkedIn is at the top. YouTube comes in the SECOND rank. Instagram is on the THIRD RANK. And Facebook is on the Fourth rank for content marketing. 
  • In some effective platforms for B2B marketers, Twitter is the NUMBER. After that, YouTube came in second place. And Instagram on the THIRD. 
  • Facebook is not EFFECTIVE at all for most B2B marketers. The second number is the TWITTER. The third rank goes to Instagram. And fourth to the YOUTUBE. LinkedIn stands in fifth place. 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 04

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Statistics

B2B eCommerce site sales are continually rising from 2022-2026. All this is possible due to EFFECTIVE Marketing through video MARKETING, content marketing, and lead generation. 

Check out the detailed list of DATA for business-to-business marketing! 

  • In 2022, there has been 1.676 TRILLION USD in sales for the B2B eCommerce sites. It showed a GROWTH of 11.2% from the year of 2021. And the percentage of electronic sales was 19.7%. 
  • In 2023, there was 1.85 TRILLION USD in sales for the B2B eCommerce sites. It showed a GROWTH of 10.8% from the year of 2022. And the percentage of electronic sales was 20.8%.
  • In 2024, there will be 2.048 TRILLION USD in sales for the B2B eCommerce sites. It showed a GROWTH of 10.3% from the year of 2023. And the percentage of electronic sales was 22%.
  • In 2025, there will have been 2.25 TRILLION USD in sales for the B2B e-commerce sites. It showed a GROWTH of 11.2% from the year of 2024. And the percentage of electronic sales was 10%.
  • In 2026, there will be 2.47 TRILLION USD in sales for the B2B eCommerce sites. It showed a GROWTH of 11.2% from the year of 2025. And the percentage of electronic sales was 9.7%.
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 05

B2B SEO Statistics

Do you love search engine OPTIMIZATION? It is a TOTAL revolution in the MARKETING industry. Better results are not FAR AWAY! Generating LEADS has become more accessible with SEO marketing charts. 

Let’s take a LOOK at the stats related to SEO content development! 

  • 95% of the SEARCH traffic visits the first. And only 5% of the B2B buyers visit other pages. KEY RESEARCH can bring you the TOP ranks. 
  • 70% of the B2B marketers VOTED In favor CONTENT marketing with SEO. It is even more critical than PPC ads. 
  • 74% of the B2B buyers research their content before Landing the purchase. 

B2B Web Design Statistics

B2B marketers have to focus not only on SEO and influencer marketing. Instead, an appealing web can DRIVE most of the traffic quickly. 

Do you want to know how WEB design affects the B2B buyers? Just look at how B2B buyers love web design. 

  • Almost 94% of B2B buyers are influenced by web design. An excellent Interface GIVES the idea of the company. And compels them to EXPLORE more pages. On the other hand, wasteful pages bring NO RESULTS! 
  • 73% of the B2B companies now focus only on ONE thing on the website. And it is the DESIGN. They are hiring the BEST web development experts. Creating ACCURATE content. And engaging more USERS through marketing tactics. 
  • Most of the B2B companies are VERY ACTIVE about their website design. They do not want to leave any FLAWS. Therefore, 51% of the companies are SPENDING more than HALF of their CONTENT marketing budget on this. 
  • Best website design is not ONLY good for search engines, but it also helps B2B buyers. 44% of the B2B buyers don’t look for contacts if they do not find them on the web pages. It shows how important it is to manage your website. 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 06

B2B Industry Statistics

I have a QUICK quiz. Digital marketing or traditional advertising? Where do you spend the MOST? 

Most businesses are NOW online and moving to the BETTER marketing tactics. They do not want to miss any SINGLE chance to lose their potential consumers. That is when they need to CONSIDER whether it is digital commerce or print media they should invest in.

Let’s check how B2B companies prefer their business! 

  • 41% of the B2B marketers said they save money with DIGITAL marketing. According to them, digital marketing helps them with MARKETING tactics. Brings the best RESULTS through social media advertising and video marketing. On the other hand, traditional ADVERTISING is a Bit slow and consumes more money! 
  • 28% of the B2B marketers have REDUCED their traditional advertising budget. The possible reason is the REDUCED results. Lack of customers. And INSUFFICIENT budget, leading to a decrease in traditional advertising. 
  • Businesses have GARNERED their content marketing and currently focus on DIGITAL marketing automation. They even have NOTICED an increase in their FUNDINGS. 27% of the B2B marketers have AGREED to this fact. They say an INCREASE in the funding from other business units is for the DIGITAL marketing automation! 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 07

B2B Sales Statistics

B2B marketers have One Thing in mind — get MORE SALES. Content marketing, lead generation, and Customer journey help B2B marketers achieve this goal quickly. 

It is CRUCIAL to know the interests of the buyers. Do you want to know it? Go through the data! 

  • 48% of the B2B buyers focus on the website before purchasing. 
  • 53% of the B2B buyers try social MEDIA content to buy the products. 
  • 77% of the BUYERS spend more on research for purchasing a product or service. 
  • 70% of the buyer’s JOURNEY is completed before reaching the sales. 

B2B Buyer statistics

Since it is a B2B trade. Buyer is also a BUSINESS. So, a B2B business buyer always wants to calculate his PROFITS. And know how much he can earn. 

That has led to the POTENTIAL data evaluation based on the B2B business buyer. Want to know what exactly your B2B business buyer wants? 

Here is the complete data! 

  • Content MARKETING is very crucial for a BUSINESS. When combined with VIDEO marketing or influencer marketing, it brings better results. That is why 45% of the B2B Business buyers want a PERSONALIZED content portal. They can better optimize the CONTENT. And know the benefits of products. 
  • The ROI calculator is the second most exciting thing for B2B business buyers. 44% of the business buyers look for the ROI calculators. They want to check the profit per ITEM before proceeding to buying. 
  • Some business buyers believe in the AUGMENTED reality more. It enhances the consumer’s experience. 38% of the business buyers find their interests in the AUGMENTED reality.
  • 33% of the business buyers are MORE concerned about video chats. They want to have VIDEO chats with video marketers! 
  • A sales rep is VITAL. Therefore, 22% of the business buyers want to message sales reps! 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 08

B2B Technology Statistics

Businesses are Investing money in technology. Do you know why? Because of ease to AUTOMATE the marketing and better customer experience. The most prominent example is the ARTIFICIAL Intelligence implementation in every single field of business! 

You can find the CHATGPT and more technologies taking over the whole system. 

Here is the data for marketing technology spending! 

  • In 2020, MARKETING spending on Technology was around 4.75 BILLION USD. It showed an increase of 16.6% compared to the previous years. 
  • In 2021, MARKETING spending on Technology was around 4.75 BILLION USD. It showed an increase of 21.2% compared to the previous years. 
  • In 2022, MARKETING spending on Technology was around 6.59 BILLION USD. It showed an increase of 14.6% compared to the previous years. 
  • In 2023, MARKETING spending on Technology was around 7.41 BILLION USD. It showed an increase of 12.4% compared to the previous years. 
  • In 2024, MARKETING spending on Technology would be around 8.51 BILLION USD. It showed an increase of 14.9% compared to the previous years. 
  • In 2025 and upcoming years, it is FURTHER expected to increase. 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 09

B2B Challenges Statistics

A business has to ENCOUNTER hundreds of challenges. Sometimes, these are just about the BUSINESS growth. Sometimes, you need to go into an inner LEVEL, such as the quality of the CONTENT. Content marketing. And providing EXCELLENT customer service. 

All these services are POTENTIALLY more significant problems. 

Want to know the list of the biggest problems? Take a look! 

  • Generating high-quality leads is the Most popular problem a business has to face. 37.1% of the B2B businesses agree with this fact. 
  • PROVING ROI is the second biggest problem a business has to ENCOUNTER. 31.2% of B2B businesses have faced such issues. 
  • Tracking offline conversions is the third most popular problem a business faces. 30.7% of the B2B businesses agree with this fact.
  • Reaching the right audience is the fourth most popular problem a business faces. 30.2% of the B2B businesses agree with this fact.
  • Understanding lead quality is the fifth most popular problem a business faces. 25.9% of the B2B businesses agree with this fact.
  • Generating a high quantity of content is the sixth most popular problem a business faces. 21.5% of the B2B businesses agree with this fact. 
B2B Marketing Statistics 美工 20231122 10

What’s Next

A newly opened business with the ADS is less likely to generate traffic. Advertisement and marketing are combined factors playing a key role in the success of the B2B business. So, always have some budget for it. 

Want to know more stats like that?  
Go through our website. You’ll know the authenticity and proven data!

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