Key Landing Page Statistics for Conversions in 2024

Landing pages are TRULY wizard-generating the BEST results. How? 

Suppose you launch an AD campaign leading people to an ENTICING offer. What do you expect the reaction of the TARGET audience? 

Obviously, they will make the PURCHASE at first sight. Why? Because the landing page COPY and offer PASSED through their HEARTS directly. 

Better results. The excellent PERFORMANCE of the landing pages makes them famous. 

Is that even true? Want to know? 

Please read the DETAILED landing page statistics I have listed to PROVE the vitality of a high-converting landing page. 


The Importance of Landing Pages

A landing page is often an EXCELLENTLY designed web page! Users create ads and DIRECT their clicking shopper to this page. 

But is it really Important? Can I generate the BEST results for MY business? 

Here is the answer: 

  • A landing page conversion rate is 9.7%. That means 9.7 pages out of 10 ENGAGE users and GENERATE sales. Totally UNBELIEVABLE! 
  • Even the businesses are INVESTING IN SEO on landing page conversions. 2803 is the AVERAGE backlink count to a SINGLE landing page. 
  • 48% of the LANDING PAGES are ranked on the FIRST page of Google. 48/100 is a very IMPRESSIVE number when a company is STRUGGLING to get customers. 
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General Landing Page Statistics

Thousands of BUSINESSES are there. Just imagine and ask yourself! Are they all in profit? More than 50% of the NEWLY launched business goes into the DUMP in the FIRST month. 

Why so? 

Inaccurate STRATEGY. No exciting landing page for the TARGET audience. And lack of KNOWLEDGE to boost conversions. 

Here comes the GAME-CHANGING landing page with an average conversion RATE of 9.8%! A blessing, to be HONEST! 

Most BUSINESSES have the following purposes to get from a Landing page! 

  • Leads is the Number ONE goal to achieve from the LANDING pages. Guess what? 43.6% of the businesses want to get CONTACT details. Later, they TARGET such consumers. And offer them EXCELLENT offers through leads! 
  • Just after generating leads, the SECOND rank is for direct purchases. Some sellers are SELLING their products. And create LANDING pages to improve MEDIAN conversion rate and GENERATE sales. 33.7% of the BUSINESSES have this aim! 
  • The goal to get the EMAIL subscribers is THIRD on the rank! Around 9.9% of businesses want to get SOME EMAIL subscribers. Later, it helps them GENERATE leads. And increase LANDING page conversions. 
  • Here comes the FOURTH rank that goes to the MEMBERSHIP and paid subscriptions. 6.9% of businesses Want to GET some CONSUMERS. And increase their LANDING page conversion rates! 
  • The fifth TARGET is to get the FREEMIUM product subscriptions. Not all businesses offer a freemium version. Only a FEW do, especially the newly launched products or services. 5% of the BUSINESS have their ambition in their LANDING pages. 
  • Other goals have a NEGLIGIBLE share of 1%. 
  • 38% of the businesses aim at BRAND awareness. They Try the LANDING PAGES. And get successful brand Awareness and POPULARITY! 
  • 43% of the businesses keep the CONSUMER engagement as their NUMBER one priority. 
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Landing Page Conversion Statistics

Have you EVER visited a LANDING page? If so, there are MANY things you might have seen. 

  • Videos
  • Signup form fields
  • Clickable Graphics
  • Sharing icons

Guess what? Not every key element is EQUALLY effective in high-converting LANDING pages. 

Want to know what the data says? Check it! 

  • Videos are the NUMBER one factor in boosting landing page conversion rate! It can boost CONVERSIONS up to 38.6%. 
  • The SECOND most POPULAR tool is the images and graphics. The BEST graphics have the best results. 35.6% of the CONVERSION boost occurs only due to EXCELLENT graphics. 
  • Social media SHARING icons have a 30.7% boost in the AVERAGE conversion rate. 
  • Text-based OFFERS also have the SAME rank as the social media icon. It also boosts 30.7% of the CONVERSION rates
  • Short contact forms are the fifth most prevalent element in increasing conversions. They pump up to 20.8% of the Conversion rates
  • Statistical DATA is also a KEY feature. 17.8% of the CONVERSION rates occur SOLELY due to STATISTICAL data! 
  • Product reviews have HELPED in conversion rate optimization. Average conversion RATE lifts upside to 13.9% with INTERVIEWS and product reviews. 
landing page statistics 美工 20231129 03

Landing Page Conversion Rates by Industry

Landing pages INCREASE customer acquisition. 

Suppose you are OFFERING an OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE for a seller store. You create GOOGLE ads and link them with your landing pages. 

Offering FREE TRIAL or 50-100% discounts will boost brand AWARENESS. Let in a NEW wage of consumers. And the BEST PART? 

More sales! That is what TOP LANDING pages do to ACQUIRE potential customers. 

Industry-wise, DATA shows the results! 

  • The highest AVERAGE conversion rates are in the CATERING and restaurants. It generates up to 18.2%. 
  • Media and ENTERTAINMENT have an AVERAGE landing page conversion of 18.1%. It is not much different from the ABOVE conversion rate. 
  • The third rank is FINANCE and insurance. It generates 15.6% of the AVERAGE landing page conversion rate. 
  • The legal industry is the fourth-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 14.5%. 
  • The education industry is the fifth-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 14.2%.
  • The events and leisure industry is the sixth-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 13.4%.
  • Fitness is the seventh-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 13.2%.
  • The eCommerce industry is the eighth-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 12.9%.
  • The travel industry is the ninth-highest conversion rate industry. It has a rate of 11.9%.
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Landing Page Testing Statistics

Testing every SINGLE landing PAGE is crucial. Sometimes, you add up a CONTENT that does not suit your AUDIENCE! 

The result? You already know — FAILURE! 

And I’m 100% sure you never want that. Testing processes can SAVE you from potential failures. 

Data PROVES this point very effectively! 

  • Not all COMPANIES have reliable testing methods for their LANDING pages. More than 20% have AGREED to this fact. They don’t have a RELIABLE testing method to check the results of their LANDING pages. (Business2Community)
  • The TOPMOST testing method is A/B testing. It EVALUATES the potential failures and acts instantly to ASSISTS businesses. More than 60% of businesses find it VALUABLE! (Invesp)
  • Suitable and excellent Testing methods are EFFECTIVE in pumping conversions. Some businesses have Noticed an INCREASE of 300%. 
  • About 61% of the companies run about five or MORE monthly tests. It brings up positive RESULTS for them. And improves the OVERALL conversion rates for them. 
  • 36% of the LANDING pages have the testimonials in them. If you add the TESTIMONIALS in your LANDING pages, you can expect BETTER conversion and smooth business growth. 
landing page statistics 美工 20231129 05

Landing Page Marketing Statistics

Top up the MARKETING PLANS! Every landing page is nothing less than a Marketing page. Your purpose is to GET most consumers. A PROPERLY planned strategy is going to SPEED up the results. 

Digital MARKETING has already done wonders in the BUSINESS fields. And brings up the best results. 

Want to know marketing automation in the LANDING pages? Let’s check it! 

  • Marketers always TRY to have a DIFFERENT landing page for every strategy. 48% are ALREADY doing so to expect better results. And gain the attention of the customers with different landing pages. 
  • A UNIQUE landing page is not vital when you don’t even have VISITORS. Therefore, 61% of MARKETERS are applying different SEO and digital marketing techniques to Improve their Traffic. 
  • 61% of the MARKETERS still struggle to generate leads through LANDING pages. It has prompted a better marketing strategy and the BEST results. 
  • Grabbing emails through LANDING pages and then starting MARKETING is a popular IDEA. Email marketing can increase ROI by 3600% of businesses
  • Graphics and ANIMATION have always been important. That is why 58% of marketers are USING it! 58% add a Clickable GRAPHICS.  
  • 36.4% of the MARKETERS use the ORIGINAL graphics in their landing pages. It has increased their Conversions. 
landing page statistics 美工 20231129 06

Landing Page Performance Statistics

Landing page PERFORMANCE depends on the VARIOUS factors. 

  • Page Load Time
  • Title Tag 
  • Sign Up forms
  • Images
  • Videos

Speed is ALWAYS the SIGNIFICANT factor in generating the TOP landing pages. 

Brief data on LANDING page performance is here! 

  • The one-second DELAYED experience costs seven customers out of 100. That means you’ll lose 7% of the CONSUMERS. So improve landing page speed! (Source: Forbes)
  • Three seconds or more are a TOTAL disaster for landing pages. 53% of the CONSUMERS won’t see such a page. (Source:  Google)
  • 74% of consumers abandon websites with more than five seconds of loading time. 

Landing Page Personalized CTA Statistics

Have you ever ADDED the CTA button to your landing pages? That can bring up huge responses from the VISITORS. 

But one thing is essential — COLOR COMBINATIONS! 

Users want something that goes easy on their eyes. And aesthetic design combined with exciting offers can be a POTENTIAL point. 

Take a moment to know the BEST color of CTA buttons. 

  • Green is the number one COLOR being used popularly. And it drives results for the landing pages. 39.4% of the BUSINESSES use the green color to amplify their landing pages! 
  • Blue is the second-most popular CTA button color. 28.3% of businesses turn up to this button for their landing pages. 
  • Red is the third most popular CTA button color. 10.1% of businesses turn up to this button for their landing pages.
  • Yellow is the fourth-most popular CTA button color. 8.1% of businesses turn up to this button for their landing pages.
  • Orange is the fifth-most popular CTA button color. 6.1% of businesses turn up to this button for their landing pages.
  • Purple is the sixth-most popular CTA button color. Pink, white, and black are RESPECTIVELY significant. 
landing page statistics 美工 20231129 07

Landing Page Design Statistics

Guess The MOST IMPORTANT landing page optimization factor? 


The best design indeed engages more CONSUMERS. Compel them to read your PAGE from the first to the LAST line with complete attention. It leads to a BETTER customer journey! 

Here is what you should know about LANDING page design: POPULARITY! 

  • A landing PAGE does not only mean to DIRECT people to bring up sales. Some BUSINESSES use it as their HOMEPAGE. 77% of all the LANDING pages on the INTERNET are used as HOMEPAGES. 
  • Best LANDING pages always have LANDING PAGE optimization for both DESKTOP and MOBILE. 86% of the GREAT LANDING pages are OPTIMIZED For mobile devices. The reason is the BEST experience for the visitors on the website. 
  • The business name is the KEY for BRAND awareness. And most businesses keep it in their TITLE TAGS of landing pages. As per data, 65% of the BUSINESSES keep their name in title tags! 
  • The first thing that ATTRACTS the consumer is the BEST copy. It has urged businesses to USE it as much as possible. Therefore, 30% of the LANDING pages have too much COPY. It brings up the best results to attract the CONSUMERS. And make them purchase products or services! 
Landing Page Design Statistics

Best Practices for Landing Page Conversion

Having the optimal landing page STRATEGY is critically important! You must create the pages focused on the audience. Test the RESPONSES. And then move only if you are 100% sure of the POSITIVE results

Here is the BREAK DOWN data about the best practices of the landing pages! 

  • More than ONE GOOD LANDING page can have good results. For example, businesses can get 55% MORE LEADS of the landing pages between 10-15.
  • Most brands don’t CREATE too many landing pages. 62% rely on 1-6 landing PAGES to optimize their conversion results. 
  • Businesses that have 40 LANDING PAGES expect better results. They have NOTICED 12 times better leads than other Businesses, having 1-5 landing pages. 
  • Focused and PRE PLANNED landing pages have MORE conversions. There is an increase in 5X conversions with focused landing pages
  • Adding videos has stood out on the landing pages. 34% more CONVERSIONS is a REMARKABLE thing in the LANDING pages. 
  • Most of the landing pages have the SIGNUP FORMS. 72% of the businesses do so to get more SIGN UPS. Do better email marketing. And increase conversions through the landing page strategy! 
landing page statistics 美工 20231129 09

What’s Next

A GREAT LANDING page always generates the BEST results. Have you CREATED it? If yes, hands up to the MARKETING strategy! It will generate results. 
Want to know more STATS like that? Simple. Visit our WEBSITE and know the detailed data!

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