Key YouTube Statistics and Current Trends in 2024

How long have you been using YouTube? Maybe you are enjoying the YouTube Premium Subscription service. 

You are not ALONE. There are 80 million more PEOPLE with you. According to Statista, YouTube has 78 SCORE on satisfaction in the US. That makes it one of the MOST popular video platforms. 

YouTube statistics show YOUTUBE has 2.7 billion USERS. That is more than 50% of the GLOBAL internet users. And around 32% of the GLOBAL population

It is dominating all around. Want to know how? 

Get up! Digest the WHOLE ARTICLE on YouTube usage Statistics you should know. 

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General YouTube Statistics

Do You Know The Jewels In The Crown Of Youtube? These Are Youtube Shorts. I Love The Most. Easy To Watch. Entertaining. And Above All, The Duration Is Not High. One minute to 30-second VIDEO is exciting and quite fun. It Makes Them More Engaged. And A High-performing Segment Of Youtube. 

YouTube’s Popularity Has Increased Over The Years. Here Are Some Stats Showing Different YouTube statistics. 

  • The Number Of Youtube Users Are Quite High. Some Stats Say YouTube is the second-largest search Engine. For Example, YouTube users have CROSSED 2.70 billion. All thanks to the engaging character of YouTube videos and content. YouTube is the SECOND largest social SITE after Facebook. 
  • Do you want to access YouTube without watching ads? Here is the YouTube PREMIUM without any YouTube ads. There are around 80 million subscribers to YouTube Premium around the globe. 
  • India is the MOST popular country in terms of INTERNET users on YouTube. There are around 467 million YOUTUBE USERS just from India. The US is second on the list with 247 million ACTIVE users
  • The estimation of YOUTUBE use is probably on the month. For example, more than 2.5 billion MONTHLY active users use YouTube. They open it at least once a month. That makes almost 52% of the TOTAL internet users active worldwide. 
  • YouTube’s total VIDEO hours count is a collective of Shorts and lengthy videos. According to the data, YouTube users WATCH 1 BILLION hours daily on Youtube. That is a high count compared to its competitors like Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Most people love the YOUTUBE SHORTS. They even spend hours watching shorts. There are 50+ BILLION daily views of YouTube Shorts in February 2023. That is a BIG ACHIEVEMENT. And will increase over the PERIOD due to high engagement
youtube statistics 20230928 01

YouTube User Statistics

YouTube users are GROWING every single day. Soon, they will cross the 3 BILLION monthly active users. Isn’t it surprising? The sky is ONLY the limit. Do you know why? Because of EQUAL POPULARITY among the different genders and generations. 

Here are some stats disclosing YouTube users among different generations. 

  • 96% of the Generation Z age group have an account on YouTube. They access their YouTube accounts daily to watch VIDEOS. And get entertained. 
  • 87% of Millennials age group users have an account on YouTube. That is QUITE a high sum. 
  • Generation X is not behind. There are 73% of Generation X users on YouTube. 
  • The least NUMBER of users belong to Baby Boomers. They have 53% of the YouTube user accounts
  • Male users on YouTube are more than the FEMALE. Around 53.9% of YOUTUBE USERS are male. At the same time, female users are 46.1%. That is not a HUGE DIFFERENCE between both genders. 
  • YouTube is the SECOND most visited website in the world. It has 75 BILLION visitors each month. Plus, there are 100+ countries where it is available. And 80+ languages are AVAILABLE on YouTube. It has led to the increased POPULARITY of YouTube. 
youtube statistics 20230928 02

YouTube Usage Statistics

To be honest, I spend almost 1 HOUR every single day. Sometimes, when I have to STUDY, I exceed the 1 hour count. In actuality, 1 hour is just for ENTERTAINMENT. And extra time is for STUDY. 

That is the story of EVERY graduate or student. But most YOUTUBE USERS have one goal. Listen to YouTube content. Watch KPOP music videos. And get entertained. 

Are you having the same SORT of experience? Let’s check what the stats tell about it. 

  • According to Alexa, YouTube’s average SPEND time is 16 minutes. That means 2.7 billion YOUTUBE USERS spend at least 16 minutes watching YouTube videos. The bounce RATE is also HIGH. It is 34.5%. While the engagement METRIC is 10.66.
  • There are ONLY 8% of the users who don’t SPEND more than 15 minutes. In comparison, peak TIME is 20 hours per DAY. That is around 9% of the USERS doing so
  • Mobile USAGE is on the TOP. On the Google Play store, YouTube has 10 BILLION plus downloads. That is the MOST by any. And 72% of the TRAFFIC comes from smartphones. After that, DESKTOP devices come on the top. 
  • Users WATCHED 1 BILLION hours of Live streams in 2023. A REMAREMARKABLEt!
youtube statistics 20230928 03

YouTube Channel Statistics

How many YOUTUBE CHANNELS are there? Can you make a rough guess? It is TOUGH. But there are millions of YouTube channels. Regarding the TOP PICK, only a few YOUTUBE channels make a place. 

Most YOUTUBE USERS survived to their favorite channels. And get recommended videos on the TOP. 

Here are some statistics regarding the YouTube demographics on 10 million plus subscribed channels

  • 29,000 YouTube channels have 1 million PLUS subscribers. 
  • USA has 200+ channels with 10 million SUBSCRIBERS
  • India ranks SECOND in terms of the MOST subscribed YouTube channel. It has around 75 CHANNELS. 
  • Brazil has 55 channels with 10 million PLUS subscribers. It comes on the THIRD RANK. Other countries have below 50 channels with 10 million PLUS subscribers
  • Other countries include the UK. The UK has 45 channels with 10+ MILLION subscribers. It has GAINED a lot of attention. 
  • The other countries include Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Canada, and Russia. 
  • The most SUBSCRIBED channel on YouTube is India’s largest MUSIC label, T-series. T-series is an Indian music record label with 250 MILLION subscribers. It is best for any YOUTUBE channel to have. 
  • Mr. Beast is the INDIVIDUAL-owned, MOST SUBSCRIBED channel. YouTube monthly active users WATCH it. 
youtube statistics 20230928 04

YouTube Trend Statistics

YouTube has a HISTORY of linear rising graphs for active users. Since the LAUNCH, it has made SLOW progress. But later, Google Bought YouTube. And now, this social media platform has CROSSED 2.7 billion

Here is the HISTORY of users over time. 

  • In 2010, there were 200 MILLION USERS. 
  • In 2011, it reached 500 million. The increase was 150%. 
  • In 2012, it successfully MADE 700 million active users worldwide. 
  • For the FIRST time in 2013, YouTube crossed the 1 billion mark. 
  • After almost six years, the GRAPH reached 2 billion in 2019.
  • In 2023, there will be 2.7 billion USERS who access YouTube daily or monthly. 
youtube statistics 20230928 05

YouTube Video Statistics

Video content is the MOST popular on this social media platform. YouTube shorts ALWAYS be the king of Hill. In contrast, Long-form videos come second on the LIST. There are many POPULAR YOUTUBE CHANNELS engaging users. 

Here are some stats related to YOUTUBE videos and channels. 

  • T-series is the MOST followed YouTube channel. Almost 250 million people have SUBSCRIBED it. That is quite A HIGH figure. 
  • Mr.Beast is the SECOND MOST subscribed YouTube channel. It has 188 million SUBSCRIBERS in 2023.
  • Do you know about the BABY SHARK DANCE? It is the most VIEWED YouTube video across the video-sharing platform. 13 billion PEOPLE have watched this YouTube video. Can you believe it? There are only 8 billion PEOPLE. That means people watched this video again and again. 
  • Despacito is the SECOND MOST viewed video on YouTube. It has around 8.2 billion VIEWS. That is more than 100% of the world’s population. 
  • YouTube has SOME unbelievable facts about video content. Every single MINUTE, more than 500 HOURS of YouTube video content is UPLOADED. That becomes 720,000 hours of VIDEO content uploaded to YouTube every single day. It is some Youtube VIDEO content magic being done. (Alexa)
youtube statistics 20230928 06

YouTube Revenue Statistics

YouTube revenue has been rising over the years. Not a single year in which you can NOTICE a decrease. Do you know why? Because of VIDEO CONTENT engagement. People get entertained with YOUTUBE shorts. YouTube MUSIC is on the PEAK. According to YouTube Data, YouTube MOVIES are on K2.

But do you know the primary source of REVENUE? It is the YouTube ads and Youtube Premium Subrivers. Eighty million YouTube premium subscribers are making BILLIONS for YouTube. 

Want to know the RISE in YouTube revenue over the years? Here it is. 

  • In 2010, YouTube started its NEW JOURNEY with Google. It made 800 MILLION USD
  • In 2011, it crossed the 1 billion USD mark. It reached 1.3 billion USD. 
  • In 2012, it generated 1.7 billion USD. And in 2013, it crossed even 3 billion MARK. It generated 3.1 billion USD
  • In 2013, Youtube made over 4.2 billion USD
  • Till 2020, YouTube was to TOUCH 20 BILLION. It earned 19.7 billion USD. 
  • In 2021, revenue was 28.8 BILLION USD. In 2022, it reached 29.24.
  • In the FIRST two QUARTER of 2023, it has generated 14.35 billion USD. Let’s see whether it can CROSS the 30 BILLION USD  mark. 
youtube statistics 20230928 07

YouTube Marketing Statistics

YouTube marketing is not LAGGING at all. Even marketers are MORE INTERESTED in investing more bucks. But what attracts them is the BEST VIDEOS. 

YouTube has generated millions and BILLIONS of USD over a period. All owe to the MARKETING investment. Do you know the BEHAVIOR of marketers on different social platforms? Here it is: 

  • Youtube is the NUMBER 1 for the MOST MARKETERS. Around 66% of the MARKETERS are interested in YouTube. They want to invest more money in it. 
  • Instagram has a SIMILAR INTEREST ratio to the MARKETERS. Around 66% are having an INTEREST in Instagram as well. Facebook ranks third, while LinkedIn is in the FOURTH spot. 
  • Around 20% of the MARKETERS have the same interest in video marketing strategy. They want to MARKET better content on this video platform. And improve their ad reach. 
  • 1-2% of the MARKETERS have a decreasing marketing interest. That is not a LOT of marketers who have decreased interest. 
  • Some marketers don’t have ANY plans for their marketing. On YouTube, there are 15% of the USERS with NO PLANS. They don’t want to EXTEND their marketing plans. 
youtube statistics 20230928 08

YouTube Advertising Statistics

Who denies the FACT that YouTube ads are SUPER AMAZING? But adding them in between the videos is the MOST IRRITATING thing. I feel disconnected when there is an AD in between the videos. 

But still, YouTube is GENERATING a fortune. Billions of DOLLARS is not a small figure. Can you believe it? Let me disclose some STRAIGHT stats regarding YouTube advertising. 

  • Youtube reaches 2.53 billion PEOPLE. Our total population has CROSSED 8 billion. Keeping in view the TOTAL population, it is 31.5%. And that is not a SMALL figure for YouTube. Compared with Total Internet users, it becomes 48.8%. That is WHY brands prefer YouTube viewers for ads. 
  • The quarter change has been 13 million. That is 0.5%. At the same time, the OVERALL yearly ad reach has decreased. There have been 35 million DROPPED reach compared to the previous year. 
  • Males have a greater share of the ad reach. It is 54.4% of the TOTAL years of 18+ age. In other cases, 45.6% of the Females have a YOUTUBE ad reach. Overall, ad reach has been 36.9%. 
  • Adoption has been more of the male users. 40.4% of the male USERS have adopted the reach. At the same time, 33.4% of the FEMALE USERS have adopted it. 
youtube statistics 20230928 09

YouTube User Behavior Statistics

Do you watch YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTENT on mobile devices? I do. There are different statistics regarding the usage. Here are some stats regarding YouTube Daily usage. 

  • 9% of the USERS used YouTube over 20 hours per week
  • 11% of the USERS have 10-20 hours per week. 
  • 12% of the USERS have 5-10 hours of usage per WEEK on YouTube. 
  • 18% of the users have 2-5 hours of usage on YouTube. 
  • 22% of the users use 1-2 hours of YOUTUBE per week. 
  • 20% of the users use less than 1 hour per week. 
youtube statistics 20230928 10

What’s Next

YouTube TARGET AUDIENCE is enormous for marketing. If you are a BUSINESS owner, it can be the RIGHT time to GET UP. Set up the TRAP for success. And enjoy a better reputation for your BUSINESS. 
Do you want to ABSORB more statistical data? Read our ILEELINE BLOG for detailed statistics.

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