Key Social Selling Statistics: Data-Driven Strategies 2024

Since the INCEPTION of the internet and social media platforms, social sites have never SEEN back—continuous upward PUSH. 

Easy and SMOOTH communication. Guess what? 

There are 4.95 BILLION people on social media. The total POPULATION is around 8 billion. 5 billion people on SOCIAL media platforms. It is UNBELIEVABLE! ( Statista)

Social media is not ALL about chatting or communication. For sales PROFESSIONALS, it is a KEY to UNLIMITED business. Easy selling. 

Therefore, we have compiled SOCIAL SELLING statistics to show you how CRUCIAL social accounts are. 

Let’s discuss it in detail! Ready? Let’s fly! 

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General Social Selling Statistics 

For businesses, SOCIAL media platforms have been top performers. Guess why? Because of: 

  • Huge audience 
  • Easy approach
  • No money needed
  • Accessible page and brand account creation

Your LOYAL consumers are going to follow you. And it is the POINT where the selling journey takes off and touches the SKY. 

To evaluate the SOCIAL selling success, check out some VITAL statistics. 

  • 75% of the BUYERS indeed use social media. Explore the PRODUCTS they want to buy. And don’t buy unless they are 100% sure about the RELIABILITY of the products. That shows how customers CARE about social media platforms. 
  • Social sellers drive more sales. Do you know why? Because they make extra efforts to reach the consumers. As per the DATA, there are 45% more opportunities for SOCIAL sellers than other sellers. That shows how significant social MEDIA is for businesses. (Sales For Life)
  • Over time, brands have USED social media to access their POTENTIAL customers. 98% of the brands UNDERSTAND the value of a SOCIAL selling platform. And use it in the SHORT-TERM or LONG-TERM business. 
  • Some BRANDS target social SELLING to build RELATIONSHIPS with potential customers. 31% of the brands BELIEVE social selling HELPED them build relationships with potential customers. 
  • Most businesses are implementing social selling. All praise goes to a social SELLING program, which assists in building relationships. Grabbing MORE consumers. And generating more sales. 62% of the organizations prioritize social SELLING techniques. 
  • Social SELLING is not just a single thing. Instead, it comes with a bunch of Tools that directly impact SALES. Increase the sales for a sales TEAM. And improves overall PRESENCE. 96% of the SALES experts are INCREASING their sales with social selling tools. That shows how VITAL social selling tools are. 
General Social Selling Statistics 

Social Selling Platforms Statistics

Social selling platforms have emerged as powerful tools in the realm of digital marketing, revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their audience. These platforms provide a dynamic space for brands to engage potential customers, leveraging the vast reach of social media.

LinkedIn Social Selling Statistics

In social media TRENDS, LinkedIn emerges as a DIFFERENT site. It is due to PROFESSIONAL content on LinkedIn. There are millions of COMPANY owners who have accounts on LinkedIn. 

Let’s check how FRUITFUL it is for your business. 

  • 9 out of 10 people haven’t uploaded a cover story on their LINKEDIN profile. It affects their BUSINESS when potential buyers visit their LinkedIn profile. 
  • LinkedIn sales navigator can be revolutionary. And customers HAVE confirmed its significance. 68% of the CONSUMERS agree they will use LinkedIn sales navigator if LinkedIn offers it. (LinkedIn Poll)
  • Most people are HEADING toward LinkedIn. They join LinkedIn groups. Strengthen their business positions. 61% of PEOPLE are trying to generate leads and business. (LinkedIn Pool)

TikTok Social Selling Statistics

TikTok wasn’t very POPULAR before 2020. COVID-19 came, and it skyrocketed ITS GROWTH. 

Nowadays, it is one of the BEST social selling TOOLS for sales teams. Here is how TikTok ensured social selling success. 

  • TikTok has a center of ATTENTION for a personal or professional BRAND. 51% of the CONSUMERS try to find new brands and products on TikTok. 
  • Among all the TikTok users, 38% INTERACTED with the brands. Purchased their PRODUCTS. And input their queries in a social selling space. 
  • 27% of the SALES people have marketed their products on TikTok. It helped them get the BEST results. 

YouTube Social Selling Statistics

Lead generation has been the STEP ONE for every business. They go the extra mile to get it. And that is why different social sellers have a DIFFERENT social media network. And a DIFFERENT social selling strategy. 

Let’s check how YOUTUBE has helped a PROFESSIONAL brand. 

  • LinkedIn is the NUMBER one site for social media selling. 84% of the MARKETERS HAVE it under the radar. 
  • Facebook cones on the THIRD RANK with 43% of the marketers promoting their BRANDS. 
  • Twitter and YouTube share the THIRD rank with an acquisition of 25% of the social media presence
  • Instagram ranks FOURTH, with 16% of the marketers using its TARGET audience. 
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Social Selling Customer Engagement Statistics

Special engagement FEATURES for the potential customers bring up better results. For example, your business becomes the CENTER of attention for potential buyers. Social MEDIA networks further promote the engaging brands.

Here is the KEY data about engagement you should know:

  • 62% of the potential BUYERS are READY to contact the salespeople. That means they might get in touch through INSTANT messaging on Facebook or WhatsApp. 
  • 76% of the BUYERS want to engage with the POTENTIAL providers. It is valid for buyers willing to get an excellent product opportunity. 
  • 92% of the buyers are more interested in the INDUSTRY leader. And they want to engage with them. 
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Social Selling Adoption Statistics

A PROFESSIONAL brand is rapidly adopting social media selling. All thanks to the FAST growth. Easy access to billions of potential customers. 

And above all, it is 100% FREE! Sometimes, you go for the PAID ads. In that case, you need to invest. However, here is the QUICK review of the adoption of SOCIAL media. 

  • 69% of MARKETERS are turning their heads to YouTube. They plan to make up a BETTER social selling strategy. And promote their BRANDS. 
  • 67% of the SOCIAL media selling experts use YOUTUBE to create content. 
  • 89% of the B2B marketers have already adopted LinkedIn for their LEDA generation. According to them, LinkedIn is a huge opportunity. (LinkedIn)
  • More than 40% of businesses have the SUPER ACTIVE on social media. They use LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp to get the EXPECTED business results by selling their products to consumers. 
  • 47% of the MARKETERS have plans on using TikTok. They think it is better to take ADVANTAGE of TikTok to get better sales under their belt. 
  • 11% of the marketers favored social MEDIA as their crucial investment. It is because of EFFECTIVE results with marketing. 
Social Selling Statistics 美工 20231211 04

B2B Social Selling Statistics 

Do you love business-to-business deals? Not only B2C brands are working on social media. Instead, you’ll find hundreds of B2B brands also. They find their TARGET businesses. Build relationships. 

Stay active to achieve the sales goals through the MUTUAL connections. Here are some detailed stats on how social network selling HELPS increase sales opportunities. 

  • 7 out of 10 COMPANIES are CURRENTLY using social media. 71% use it for various PURPOSES. Create paid ADS. Promote their products. Use influencer marketing. And even add testimonial VIDEOS to engage with social media accounts in relevant groups. 
  • 74% of the CONSUMERS don’t buy. They use the SOCIAL media. Do a DEFINITE research of the products. After 100% satisfaction, they LAND their purchase from the brand and enter the sales process. 
  • Social media has been a SIGNIFICANT tool for the decision-makers. 60% of the DECISION makers use LINKEDIN to get the necessary information. Then, they make a sales strategy. 
  • 49% of the B2B marketers are on LinkedIn. According to them, it is the MOST crucial social network. They use it to build relationships. Start a BUYING process for potential customers. And PROMOTE their sales pitch. 
  • 82% of the B2B decision-makers think about their SALES reps. They consider that sales REPS must be ready for social SELLING processes. And get the best results. 
  • Most of the B2B buyers are active on SOCIAL media. 91% of the B2B buyers are active on social media sites. 
  • 69% of the B2B marketers are currently using Facebook. They target the AUDIENCE. And use it to grab more sales. 
  • 39% of the B2B marketers agree about social selling. They think it REDUCES their hassle to grab potential clients, their contact info, and their accounts. Therefore, they use it to make the FINAL strategy for selling. 
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Social Selling Business Statistics 

Do you want to plan the SOCIAL selling strategy? If not, there is a BAD news. This is because businesses are DRIVING better results every single year. You get 4X, 5X, or even 10X when your sales strategy is PERFECT. Engages more consumers. And compel them to purchase the inventory. 

Our experts have GRABBED the data for increasing sales through the SOCIAL media. Take a look at social selling statistics. 

  • In 2022, businesses generated sales of 992 billion USD in the eCommerce industry. That is a VERY high amount they got from the social media selling. 
  • In 2023, the GRAPH jumped up to 30%. This time, eCommerce businesses made over 1.29 TRILLION USD in sales. 
  • In 2024, forecasts show the data reached 1.698 trillion USD in sales. It is again a 30% increase compared to the PREVIOUS year. 
  • In 2025, it is expected to cross the 2 trillion MARK. Sales will reach 2.221 trillion USD in sales. That is a massive opportunity for a PERSONAL brand. 
  • By 2026, the eCommerce sales might reach 2.9 TRILLION USD. That is a 200% increase compared to the DATA from 2022. In just four years, it is INCREDIBLE for a personal brand to start its journey. 
Social Selling Statistics 美工 20231211 06

Social Selling Marketing Statistics 

Have you been a marketer? All the SALES reps have an eye on Social media. They access the TARGETED audience to sell their products. 

Guess how they reach? It is the MARKETING. Take a look at the marketing strategies. 

  • Influencer marketing has PLAYED a significant role. 89% of the MARKETERS favored influencer marketing for business promotions. 
  • A BRAND earns $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencers. That means 4X better return comes out from the INFLUENCER marketing. 
  • A successful digital Marketing can bring up 71% more sales for the BUSINESS. Customers will BECOME a long-term deal for the business. 
Social Selling Statistics 美工 20231211 07

Social Selling Tool Statistics 

Technology has been AROUND for years to help you. There are hundreds of tools to help you PROMOTE your brands on social media. Enjoy the perks. And gain the attention. 

Tools help in the social selling as: 

  • 96% of the top-performing professionals used the software. They devised a POWERFUL result-driving strategy.
  • 73% of the SALES experts get close to their deals. All this is possible due to the SALES tools they will use for their sales. 
  • In the LAST five years, there have been considerable investments in TOOLS. Businesses are automating the SALES. That has increased 53% more Investment in social media tools. 
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Social Selling Best Practice Statistics 

You can’t TURN a blind eye and think it is EASY. Social media BEST practices are very IMPORTANT to get the desired results from your efforts. 

Take a look at the data! 

  • 39% of the BUSINESS think social media selling reduces the efforts to get content. 
  • 33% have voted for the LEADS. They said it improves the LEADS ratio compared to other strategies. 
  • 31% of marketers think SOCIAL media helps build DEEPER consumer relationships. 
  • CRO has been very effective for some businesses. 24% said it improved their conversion rate. 
  • 14% of the marketers OBSERVED shorter sales cycles with the SOCIAL selling plans. 
Social Selling Statistics 美工 20231211 09

What’s Next

Do you have PLANS to promote your PROFESSIONAL brand? If yes, then WELCOME the social platforms. Use them to DRIVE the best results. 

Do you want to know more stats? 
Go through our website. And you’ll get AUTHENTIC data on multiple business aspects.

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