10 Key Cold Email Statistics: Benchmarks and Analysis

How often DO you email? Guess what? Cold emails are the hidden treasures grabbing you a LOT of consumers. You can raise your CUSTOMER counts up to 30% more. Cold email statistics proved it here. 

How? All thanks to the cold emails, which ENGAGE more consumers. Help you better ADVERTISE your products. 

The result is nothing but a SUCCESS! No look back. No failures. 

Do you want to know whether cold emails are GOOD or not? If yes, read the detailed COLD EMAIL statistics in this blog. You’ll learn how cold emails help ACQUIRE more consumers. 


Let’s learn more! 

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General Cold Email Statistics

Whenever you COME in contact with your CUSTOMER, what do you say? Your goals are to engage the CONSUMERS and drive sales. Emails have been a GAME-CHANGER in this industry. Most consumers see them at least once and decide whether they want to buy your products or not. 

Do you want to know the SUCCESSFUL results of cold email campaigns? Is it worth it? Or you should stop wasting time. 

Read the general statistics about cold emails. 

  • There are many things you can do with the COLD EMAIL CAMPAIGNS. Link buildings come on the TOP. Lead generation, digital PR, and podcasting are also USEFUL methods for cold emails. 
  • Cold emails have a QUITE high conversion rate compared to the other methods. In 2021, 15.11% is the CONVERSION rate of cold emails. It means every 15.11 members out of 100 have PURCHASED the products from the consumers. An accurate COLD CAMPAIGN can do wonders with follow-ups. 
  • Personalized SUBJECT lines in the emails have BETTER results compared to personalized ones. Without personalization, response rates were 7%. When the BUSINESSES used personalized subject lines, it jumped 150% and reached 17% of the RESPONSE rates. 
  • Personalized subject lines with the CONTACT prospects have BETTER results. With the prospect names in the FIRST line, open rates were 22.2%. And using the prospect’s name in any LINE got resultant open rates of 18.3%. 
  • The CTA button has been crucial in driving sales. At such a point, you must know what CTA is better. If you use the WORD INTEREST in the CTA, results are 30% more effective. Adding a SPECIFIC time or date can bring up 15% more effectiveness. An open-ended CTA has 13% effectiveness. Compared to other CTA’s, it is LAGGING. 
General Cold Email Statistics

Cold Email Open Rate Statistics

Do you know customers don’t Open your EMAILS? First thing, SPAM! Triggering spam filters doesn’t get your cold Emails to the recipient’s inbox. 


Open rates are severely down when your consumers don’t even KNOW of your cold emails. Let’s check how COLD EMAIL open rates are there: 

  • Twenty-four emails are OPENED on an average out of 100%. That makes open rates 23.9% of the BUSINESS. The more the OPEN rates, the higher the chances for sales. Therefore, businesses should focus on the cold email strategy. 
  • Subject lines are the CRUCIAL factors in the open rates. According to data, ADDING customized subject lines acts as a BOOSTER dose. And pump 50% of the open rates. For example, if your cold email OPEN rates were 26%. It brings it up to 39%, a straight 50% rise. 
  • Emojis have played excellent in BOOSTING the open rates. There has been an 8% increase in the OPEN rates if the cold email subject lines have an emoji. It shows how COLD EMAIL subject lines are a SIGNIFICANT factor in this game. 
  • Interesting PREHEADER HAS driven better results in terms of open rates. Some marketers have got 10% more OPEN rates when they add excellent preheaders. 
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Cold Email Click-Through Rate Statistics

Click-through rates are a CRUCIAL screener for a business. For example, you create cold email campaigns. If you want to know how SUCCESSFUL it is, see the Click-through rates. It will show how many CLICKS you’ve got.

Here are some statistics on the CLICK THROUGH RATES. 

  • Tuesdays are the FAVORITES for the higher CTR. 2.4% is the average CTR for the cold emails on Tuesdays. 
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the SECOND best days for the CTRs. It has a CTR of 2.3%. 
  • Do you know the BEST time for grabbing a better CTR? 10 to 11 AM is the time that brings up the HIGHEST clicks. 
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Cold Email Response Rate Statistics

Cold email Response rate REFERS to the responses to your emails. Factors like DKIM authentication and a good sender reputation can all be significant influencers on this metric.For example, you offer a product with specialized discounts to a SPECIFIC customer. The consumer wants to connect with you and gives email responses. 

Email responses determine how successful your cold email campaigns are. 

Take a look at the stats. 

  • The top 25% of the COLD EMAIL campaigns are super successful. They engage more than 20% of the consumers. Get a RESPONSE from them. And ultimately, it leads to the HIGHER SALES and optimal results. 
  • 25% of the EMAIL campaigns have a MODERATE response. They might get 10-20% responses. If you have emailed 100 consumers, 10-20 will reply. Based on further follow-ups, they may buy products or not. 
  • Guess the Most response rates of the EMAILS. It is not VERY HIGH but still satisfactory for the business. 50% of the BUSINESS gets 10% or sometimes fewer responses. 
  • Longer subject LINES have better opening rates. Cold emails with LONGER subject lines get 24.6% more responses than SHORTER subject lines. 
  • 70% of the marketers don’t try harder. They give up after the FIRST EMAIL. That is a big mistake when trying to get the optimal results. 
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Cold Email Follow-up Statistics 

Multiple follow-ups are necessary if you want a better response rate. Guess what? Most businesses are not doing that. They send one email TO A SPECIFIC user. If users don’t respond, they stop sending emails. 

That is highly crucial to have a FOLLOW-UP. Let’s know how many businesses do the follow-up for their COLD EMAILS. 

  • The majority of businesses stop their COLD EMAILS after one email. The precise count is that 70% of the companies do so. They send a single EMAIL. If they do not get a RESPONSE, THEY stop trying. 
  • 9% of the businesses don’t give a THIRD chance to their cold emails. They send two emails and expect a RESPONSE rate in them. If there is no response from the consumers, they stop trying. 
  • 7% of the consumers give a THIRD CHANCE to their users. They send three emails. If there is still no response, they do not send forth cold emails. 
  • 3% of the BUSINESSES pursue consumers up to 4 emails. The company’s count is relatively less but still a GOOD one. After a zero response rate from CONSUMERS, they do not try it further. 
  • Only 1% of the BUSINESSES try longer. They send five or more emails. 
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Cold Email CTA Statistics

CTA refers to the call to action. These are inciteful buttons or words that encourage the users to visit the PRODUCT or take action for visiting the pages. For example, you want to sell the product. At the end of the email, you can add a CTA button, “BUY NOW.” 

It has a higher response rate and brings up more sales for the business. Let’s check how many cold emails have a CTA. 

  • 30% of the businesses are using an INTEREST CTA. That is the highest usage compared to other types. The CTA includes the word INTEREST. For example, Do you have an interest in our products? Learn more
  • 15% of the cold emails have a SPECIFIC CTA. A specific CTA gives a SPECIFIC time and day. For example, Can we see each other on Tuesday at 2 PM? It is an excellent example of a specific CTA. 
  • 13% of the businesses rely on the OPEN-ENDED CTA. These allow the users to decide whether they have time to MEET or buy products. 
  • CTA might get you a better RESPONSE RATE. But they decreased the meeting rate by 20%. That is a remarkable count overall. 
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Cold Email Subject Line Statistics

A subject line is the FIRST line of the email. Whatever you write a cold email, it pops up on the TOP. Personalized subject lines have always been EFFECTIVE in driving the expected results. 

Let’s check how email subject LINES impact the response and open rates. 

  • One-third of the USERS open their email because of the EXCELLENT subject line. Compelling subject lines can draw the attention of 33% of the users. That is quite awesome. 
  • Do you have personalized subject lines? They have been VERY influential in response rates for a cold email campaign. For instance, you can increase the RESPONSE rate by 30.5% with personalized subject lines. (Backlinko)
  • Emoji or no emoji? What do you prefer? Guess what? EMOJIS hasn’t been VERY successful. Instead, a subject line without an emoji has a 1.8% more open rate. That is fruitful if you want better business results. (GetResponse)
  • Sometimes, the prospect’s name is ENOUGH for better open rates. The subject line with a PROSPECT name has more open rates. You can expect a 43% open rate when you mention the NAME. 
  • Adding a SUBJECT line preview has got some better results. You can GET up to 10% more open rates by adding the previews to your cold emails. (GetResponse)
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Cold Email Body Copy Statistics

Most marketers are confused about WHAT to write and when to write an EMAIL. Sometimes, personalization is a game changer. Most of the time, cold emails have a GOOD copy. It shows how the response works out. 

Here are some quick stats on email body copy. 

  • Personalized emails have a BETTER response rate. You can pump up your RESPONSE by 32.7% doing the personalization for the consumers. 
  • Doing greetings and asking about WELLNESS can raise your meeting chances by 24%. It is a chance for enterprises to peek for meetings. 
  • If you have an “I have never heard back” statement, expect 14% more BOOKINGS
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Cold Email Timing Statistics

Have you ever wondered about the TIMING? Is there any specific time during which you get a better response? 

Remember one thing. Not all the customers have time to respond. It is better to send the emails when CUSTOMERS are spare and don’t have any other activities. And that time, you get better responses and opens. 

Let’s check what are the favorite times for sending cold emails. 

  • For sales, the first THREE DAYS of the week are the OPTIMAL choice. You can send emails on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. These will get you the BEST RESULTS. 
  • If you plan LINK BUILDING, emailing on MONDAY and FRIDAY is the best. You’ll get the highest opens and responses from the users. And advertise your products better. 
  • When it comes to the specified time, these can be morning and afternoon. Morning 6-7 and 9-11 Am is the BEST time for sending cold emails. At noon, you can send emails between 1-3 PM. 
  • Sending emails during the OPTIMAL times can boost your opens by 50%. Most businesses have gotten BETTER responses and better link buildings. Even the sales ratio has been higher through this strategy. 
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B2B Cold Email Statistics

Cold emails have been SUCCESSFUL in the business future. So, you can expect the best results but with the right strategy. 

There have been ups and downs in the average reply rates of cold emails. Here is a detailed overview of the data. 

  • 7.2% is the average reply rate in the JAN 2021.
  • 7.1% was the average reply rate in Feb 2021.
  • 6.8% was the average reply rate in March 2021.
  • 7.1% was the average reply rate in April 2021.
  • 6.8% was the average reply rate in May 2021.
  • It showed a SUDDEN increase in June 2021 to 8%. 
  • The reply rate dropped until JAN 2022. It reached 6.9%. 
  • Again, it started RISING upward until March 2022. It was 7.7% in March. 
  • Again, it dropped till July 2022. It reached 5.7% of the average reply rate. 
  • Until Sep 2022, it showed an increase to 6.5%
  • Till Dec 2022, it showed a slow drop in the graph and reached 5%. 
  • In March 2023, the Average reply rate was 5.6%
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What’s Next

Obtaining the best results can be SOMETIMES hard. 2% of the CTR is not VERY high. Since you want to acquire consumers, always make up the BEST plan. 

Do you want to know more statistics like that? 
Visit our website. You will get the LATEST data verified by our experts.

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