Yun Express Reviews

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Yun Express Reviews


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Yun Express Reviews

Tired of SEEING fake or PAID Yun Express reviews?

You found the right article. 

As an eCommerce shipping expert…

Leeline’s goal is to serve YOU with UNBIASED reviews of freight forwarders. 

After 3 weeks of research, our experts found Yun Express to be a low-quality shipping company. It has TONS of bad reviews online. And we confirmed those NEGATIVE allegations by testing Yun Express’ delivery services.  

Keep reading to KNOW more about why you should avoid this company! 

Yun Express Reviews

What Is Yun Express?

YunExpress is a third-party logistics provider from China. This company HELPS cross-border e-Commerce sellers like YOU to extend their global reach. 

YunExpress provides various logistic solutions, including:

  • Amazon FBA services. 
  • Post-office parcel shipments. 
  • International Express delivery.
  • Cross-border e-commerce shipments. 

And it also OFFERS last-mile delivery for e-Commerce platforms. Such as Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Shein, TikTok, Shopee, AliExpress, and etc. 

Thousands of independent CHINESE merchants also use YunExpress for cross-border shipping. 

Fun fact: YunExpress ships to over 50 countries worldwide. It delivers 700,000 parcels daily. 

Is Yun Express Fake Or Legit?

YunExpress is a legit shipping company. But this freight forwarder has faced MANY issues with its customers over the years. Making business owners question if the entire delivery company is fake or legitimate.

This brings up the question… 

“Why do people think that YunExpress is fake?”

Well, here’s this freight forwarder in a nutshell:  VERY unreliable

This company lost TONS of customers due to a lack of transparency in its tracking service. Plus, customers need to have their packages delivered. Adding up to their frustration.

Gaining your customer’s trust is CRUCIAL for building a successful business. Unfortunately, YunExpress failed in this aspect. So currently, MANY businesses don’t choose Yun Express for their shipping needs. They PREFER a more trustworthy logistics service provider like LEELINE. 

How Does Yun Express work?

How Does Yun Express work


It’s a shipping broker that serves as the BRIDGE between a SELLER and a customer. And it’s RESPONSIBLE for your goods until the FINAL delivery. 

Here’s the YunExpress delivery process in summary: 

Step 1: A LOCAL CARRIER picks up your products. And stores them in a YunExpress carrier facility.

Step 2: Your Yun Express packages receive a package tracking number.

Step 3: Experts process your Yun Express shipment paperwork in their customs office. 

Step 4: Yun express ships your products to their final destination. 

Step 5: One of Yun Express’ partners (usually a local courier like ROYAL MAIL) receives your goods. It updates your YunExpress tracking status. And a local delivery company staff drops off your products at your doorstep. 

Yun Express Reviews

Yun Express Reviews

#1: Unreliable package tracking number 

TRACKING your packages is crucial as a BUSINESS OWNER. Doing so ENSURES you always restock on time. And YOU don’t disappoint your customers. 

Unfortunately, MANY YunExpress customers experience late parcel arrival. Compared to the scheduled delivery date in their Yun Express package tracking number. 


Another review states that they received the wrong YunExpress tracking number. 

The customer saw her SHIPMENT WAS DELIVERED to an unknown address. Even when she never received a cargo. And YunExpress later revealed that they accidentally switched up the tracking numbers. 

#2: Lost packages 

Every now and then, DELAYS are acceptable. After all, you can’t always control the VARIABLES that change your shipment’s delivery date. Bad weather, for example. 

But of course, you always EXPECT your packages to arrive. 

Sadly, YUN EXPRESS sometimes fails to DO this bare minimum for its customers.

This freight forwarder marks a cargo as PACKAGE DELIVERED. Even when the customer never received it. 

After that, the shipment is never found again. 

Dozens of customers COMPLAIN about lost packages with YunExpress. Causing them LOST REVENUE, unsatisfied customers, and weaker BRAND AUTHORITY. 

#3: Cargo not moving 

Yun Express promises to DELIVER goods within a specific timeframe. But then, the cargo gets stuck for a prolonged period. 

Specifically, packages won’t MOVE for days or even WEEKS! And this EXTREMELY slow delivery time frustrates customers who urgently need their goods. Especially business owners who must restock to BUILD their brands. 

#4: Poor customer service 

Poor customer service

It’s VERY EASY to contact YunExpress. As you’ll see in the next section below. However, this freight forwarder is INFAMOUS for having bad customer service.

Hundreds of people complain that…

A rude agent answers YunExpress’ customer support number. And some are even left hanging. Because YunExpress doesn’t answer the phone HALF THE TIME. 

If you’re going to call, email or chat with this company… 

Expect to NOT receive answers within its promised response time. 

Based on experience, YunExpress takes almost a week to respond to written concerns. In the worst cases, it doesn’t REPLY at all. 

#5: Wrong delivery 

Imagine ordering a PHONE HOLDER. Then, receive a notebook at your doorstep.

Surely, you’ll be disappointed.

Like what YunExpress customers felt when they received the WRONG parcel. 

Mistakes happen, though, right? 

Well, this wouldn’t be so bad if Yun Express immediately fixed the issue. But as mentioned, this freight forwarder isn’t the BEST at catering to customers’ concerns. 

So, you’re left with NO CHOICE but to settle with the wrong delivery you receive. 

#6: Several shipping services 

Luckily, YunExpress doesn’t always give bad service. One positive thing about this shipping company is its wide range of services.

YunExpress allows you to prioritize your BUDGET or delivery time. With its 3 shipping methods:

Standard shipping: A perfect balance of BUDGET and delivery time. You receive your goods in JUST 7-15 days. 

Express shipping: This prioritizes your DELIVERY DATE. It’s more expensive than standard shipping. But you RECEIVE goods in less than a week. 

Special line: Here’s a shipping method PERFECT for heavy items. It takes 10-20 days for Special Line deliveries to arrive. But YOU get a much lower shipping rate.

Note: All these shipment types include CUSTOM CLEARANCE services.  

#7: Experienced freight forwarder 

This company was founded in 2014. It’s been around for ALMOST 10 years. Meaning its staff are EXPERTS at shipping. 

YunExpress’ long duration in the industry also signifies that…

Most merchants recognize this shipping company. So, it’ll be very EASY to transact with your supplier using YunExpress. 

How Do You Contact YunExpress?

How Do You Contact YunExpress

Contacting YunExpres is extremely easy. You have 3 methods to do so. Let’s go over each one.  

#1: Through the website 

YunExpress has a contact us form on its website. Accessing it is EXTREMELY easy. Just launch a browser and head to this webpage. Then, fill in the FORM according to your needs. 

#2: Using the phone 

YunExpress has TWO official phone numbers for their main offices in China and the US. 

  • China: 0755 893 563 29
  • US: (732) 722-8110

Note: This company ONLY answers package-related queries. YunExpress DOES NOT give information about the delivery status of your parcel.

#3: Email 

SEND your email to the YunExpress customer support team at [email protected]

ALTERNATIVELY, you may contact its main offices in China and the US.

Note: Include your complete name and correct tracking number in your email. And write your question or concerns with full details. 

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FAQs about Yun Express Reviews

How long does it take to deliver YunExpress? 

YunExpress OFFERS three shipping method options. EXPRESS SHIPPING is typically the fastest. You only wait for 3 – to 7 days to receive your goods. STANDARD SHIPPING’s average delivery time is 5-15 days. And ECONOMY SHIPPING has the longest delivery times. Ranging from 10-30 business days after the order confirmation. 

Pro tip: An estimated delivery date isn’t always guaranteed. So TRACK Yun Express’ delivery to avoid delays.

Is YunExpress from China?

YES, YunExpress headquarters is from Shenzhen, China. This carrier company is the shipping provider of MOST e-commerce platforms. Like Shopify, AliExpress, eBay, and many more. However, YunExpress also has warehouses in different countries. 

Where is Yun Express USA located?

The company’s CENTRAL headquarters in the USA is in Chino, California. Several locations of their warehouses in the US are also found in:
• East Coast Hub 
• Chicago HUB
• Texas HUB

Fun fact: Yun express Canada and Yun express UK warehouses. 

What is the fastest shipping from China to the USA?

Express shipping is the FASTEST shipping method from  China to the USA. The TRANSIT TIME for this type of shipment is 3-7 days. MOST freight forwarders, including YunExpress, offer express shipping.  

Is Yun Express trustworthy?

YunExpress is a third-party logistic company you trust. But the number of dissatisfied customers complaining about its TRACKING RELIABILITY has risen. You should do some research or read reviews first. Before you decide to trust your parcel with this shipping company.

What’s Next

Yun Express is a legitimate shipper. Unfortunately, though, it’s not the best freight forwarder. Especially if you’re a BUSINESS OWNER who can’t risk delayed shipments.

The better alternative to Yun Express? 

It’s LEELINE, of course! We’ve been shipping for over a decade. You get the LOWEST shipping rates and responsive 24/7 customer support. Click here for a free quotation. 

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