Branding Statistics: Data-Backed Insights in 2024

Which brand does not want to rise on the TOP? It is a HIDDEN FACT— BRANDING takes it to the top. The way a brand can present itself in the market is BRANDING. And obviously, the better presentation wins the BEST results. 

You may be THINKING, can I prove it? Yes. There are HUNDREDS of branding statistics and surveys. These surveys show how customers react to the brand. Trust their quality. And BUY inventory. 

Want to know it? 

No problem. 90% of the customers will become loyal once you offer them PREMIUM services. 

Are you ready? 

Read the branding statistics here. 

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The Importance of Branding

Branding is QUITE important. I’m not SAYING just for brand recognition but also CUSTOMER loyalty. Provide EXCELLENT customer experience. Make emotionally connected CUSTOMERS. And boom! 

Here is what you’ll get! 

  • All the CUSTOMERS who like the BRAND story will make the PURCHASE. Not 100%, but 50% are GOING to do so in the future. 
  • About 44% of the customers WILL share the brand story. And it happens when the BRAND story touches deep down their HEARTS! 
  • An excellent BRAND story is the real winner. A 15% conversion blows my mind. About 15/100 customers are going to make an IMMEDIATE purchase. Cool, right? 
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General Branding Statistics

Suppose I launched a TOYS brand.  But I only have a few customers.  Providing excellent customer SERVICE and next-level quality will speak out for my Brand. And why not SPICE it up with the branded PACKAGING? 

It is going to fire up the LIGHT for brand recognition. And improve brand visibility. 

That is what hundreds of TOP brands are achieving. Data proves my point. Check! 

  • 77% of the MARKETERS voted for the BRANDING. According to them, it skyrockets their business growth. Gives a SMOOTH and powerful pathway to success. And builds a STRONG brand image
  • Have you heard of your FAVORITE brands from your friends? It is the time to vote for the FAVORITE brands. About 33% of the CUSTOMERS have their TOP brand in mind. They go shopping from such businesses. All credit to the STRONG brand values. 
  • Not all customers know the brand. But it is the maximum probability if someone has a HEARD of a specific brand. That person will MOVE to that brand. As per data, 59/100 customers are GOING to do so. They shop from brands they are FAMILIAR with. 
  • Brand recognition is also vital from a business point of view. About 82% of the Investors LOOK for a STRONG brand. A brand that has the ultimate goal and the MISSION on the table. 
  • Consistent brand presentation can win you, LOYAL customers. For example, 77% of the CUSTOMERS search for a product by brand name. If a SPECIFIC brand hits their MIND, they will definitely buy the products. . 
  • Brands do their MARKETING to increase brand awareness. They also measure brand awareness to understand the impact of their marketing efforts and track progress over time. It is the KEY to the CUSTOMER mind lock. 75% of the COMPANIES agree to it. They do so by increasing Brand awareness through MARKETING and branding. 
General Branding Statistics

Branding Content Statistics

Different customers. Different CONTENT. In content marketing, a business has to be customer-focused. Know what is the favorite option for customer engagement. And use that content to expect the OPTIMAL customer experience. 

Many customers have shared their INTERESTS in different types of content marketing. Want to know? Take a look! 

  • User-generated CONTENT is the most popular form of content marketing. It impacts the purchasing decisions of 79% of the consumers. That means businesses HAVE to focus more on what their consumers want. 
  • The second-most popular CONTENT type is brand-created. And almost 12% change their PURCHASING decision based on it. 
  • The least impactful content is the INFLUENCER generated. And only 9% of them change their decisions. 
  • Social media is a POWERFUL source for a BRANDING strategy. 56% of consumers consider photos and videos on Social media as impactful. It changes their PURCHASING decisions. (Stackla)
  • Gen Z has the MOST influence on content marketing. As per stats, 47% get engaged with photos and videos on SOCIAL media. And change their decisions accordingly. 
  • 62% of the MARKETERS choose Facebook as their favorite social media. They share content. And engage the customers for BETTER conversion. 
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Branding Design Statistics

Color increases BRAND recognition. A brand has to DEFINE its goal. And spread it into the colors. For example, the GREEN color shows the eco-friendly and positive things about the BRAND. Similarly, other color types have a specific purpose. 

That makes a BRAND focus on the logo. Choose the right COLOR for good branding. And attract potential customers with BRAND visibilityby using canva and canva alternatives. With its extensive range of templates and design elements, they allow you to create stunning graphics that align perfectly with your brand’s colors and goals.. 

A brief overview of WHAT other brands are doing is here. 

  • 47.8% of the BRANDS have a single color in their logos. Not all brands have Multiple Colors. Some brands want to become a VALUABLE brand through color. And the majority do so. 
  • The two-color logos are trendy, too. About 39.4% of the BRANDS have two colors in their logos. It shows their brand value on the MARKETING channels and sales channels. 
  • Three colored logos are THIRD on the rank for a brand to use. And about 8.4% of the BRANDS use the three-colored logos. 
  • Four-color logos are still in demand. About 2.2% of the brands have it in their logos. 
  • Five, six, and seven COLOR logos come under multi-colored symbols. And 2.2% of the TOTAL use such logos and depict their BRAND values on social media channels. 
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Branding Marketing Statistics

Building brand AWARENESS is a prime goal of a BUSINESS. But!! Wait!! How will they do it? 

Here is our WINNER— marketing. Most brands use Content marketing or influencer marketing to PROMOTE their products. And it IMPACTS the results. 

The essential data shows how it favors brand loyalty. 

  • Over 10K agencies are there to promote the brands. And 3.07K belongs only to the US. Unbelievable! (Sortlist)
  • 94% of marketers believe in content marketing and influencer marketing. Both increase brand RECOGNITION. (Sales Force)
  • Facebook is the TOP source for social media marketing. Other SOCIAL media platforms come after that. (TINT)
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Branding Value Statistics

Some brands have SEEN the ups. While others have gone so much down, you can’t honestly imagine. 

I have listed the data from 2022 to 2023 based on the BRAND directory. See now! 

  • BYD is the number one brand in terms of GROWTH. It has noticed a GROWTH of 57% in its brand value. 
  • ConocoPhillips ranks on the SECOND grade in terms of brand value. It has NOTICED a rise of 56% in its brand value. That is quite awesome. 
  • Maersk has shown a SIGNIFICANT growth. 53% growth in a single year is not a SMALL thing for a brand.
  • LinkedIn has shown a BRAND value increase of 49% from 2022 to 2023.
  • Dior has SHOWN a 46% growth in the BRAND in a single year. 
  • It’s not all about the POSITIVE growth; look at the negative change, too. Alibaba has lost MUCH of its value. 56% down GROWTH is extremely high data for a MASSIVE brand like Alibaba. 
  • The -44% growth of TMALL is a big thing for such a highly valued brand. 
  • The -43% growth of Taobao is still a shocking fact you’ll never know. 
  • Facebook has also decreased its brand value. The -42% is a BIGGER decrease in the brand value. 
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Branding Loyalty Statistics

Brand Loyalty programs have been VERY successful. Not just ONLINE but also brick-and-mortar stores enjoy heavy BUSINESS sales. All thanks to the heavy discounts and deals available to loyal BUYERS. 

Take a DISCLOSURE on brand loyalty and customer experience. 

  • 56% of the consumers lean toward loyalty programs. If a BRAND offers perks, they indeed purchase the products. 
  • 68% of the CONSUMER bet experience on only one thing. And it is the BRAND loyalty program. They will share if they get some discounts. 
  • 83% of customers TEND to fall for brands with some discounts for brand loyalty. Brand marketers build brand AWARENESS this way more easily. 

Branding Challenges Statistics

Branding is not always SUCCESS. Several problems are DRAGGING you short of the expected results. For example, you promote a BRAND product. But it doesn’t reach the TARGET audience. 

Result? You failed! That is a big challenge. Here are some CHALLENGES you need to know. 

  • Relevance is an IMPORTANT factor for successful branding. 76% of the consumers blame BRAND relevance for failure. An irrelevant brand does not CONNECT with them. And does not impress the TARGET audience. 
  • Sometimes, authenticity is significant. 51% of the Consumers go for the AUTHENTICITY for poor engagement. They are out of touch. Sometimes, customers don’t find BRANDING interesting enough. 
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Branding Consistency Statistics

Consistent brand PRESENTATION is the trump card. Easy SUCCESS. More customers. And increased revenue. What else do you even EXPECT from brand consistency? 

Brand consistency has LED to smooth brand growth. Want to know how? 

Data can prove it! 

  • Brands have NOTICED an increase of 23% REVENUE. It was possible with BRAND consistency, leading to a rise in brand recognition. 
  • 36.5% of US buyers make multiple purchases. And show their BRAND LOYALTY. 
  • Most social media USERS(89%) prefer their FOLLOWED brands.  They ignore 84% of competitors of a BRAND they follow. It is a REMARKABLE fact for a brand. 
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Personal Branding Statistics

Brand IMAGE and strength is the IMMORTAL fact once generated. If a brand is CLEAR about personal branding, great! It can create its POSITIVE brand image. Entice consumers to buy their inventory. And rise on the TOP of the list. 

Here is how customers ACT when they trust in a brand’s purpose. 

  • In Malaysia, 96% of the CUSTOMERS act when they believe in a BRAND. 
  • In China, 95% of the CUSTOMERS act when they believe in a BRAND.
  • In India, 95% of the CUSTOMERS act when they believe in a BRAND.
  • In Singapore, 85% of the CUSTOMERS act when they believe in a BRAND.
  • In the US, 78% of the CUSTOMERS act when they believe in a BRAND.
Branding Statistics 美工 20231108 10

Company and Employer Branding Statistics

Some industries are on the TOP for branding values. Do you want to know what companies are there? 

Take a look! 

  • The number one INDUSTRY is the TECH industry, which has the best value. It has a SHARE of 14.8%. And a TOTAL valuation of 1181 billion USD. 
  • The second NUMBER industry is the RETAIL industry. It has a SHARE of 13.2% with 51 brands in the TOP 500. And 1060 billion USD valuation globally. 
  • The third NUMBER industry is the banking industry. It has a share of 12.3%, with 71 brands among the TOP 500. Its net valuation stands at 986 billion USD. That is quite remarkable for an industry. 
  • Media has emerged as one of the TOP four industries in global valuation. It has 25 brands in the GLOBAL 500 tops brands. And a NET valuation of 774 billion USD. The total share is about 9.7%
  • The Telecom industry is NOT lagging at all. It also has a MAJOR in the global industry valuation. As per the DATA, it has a SHARE of 6.7%. About 30 brands are in the TOP 500 brands globally. And a net valuation of 537 billion USD
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Branding and Customer Trust Statistics

Brand image and brand TRUST are pretty crucial for sales. 

But have you ever wondered what makes them trust a Brand? Why do they even buy from a TRUSTED brand? 

It is essential for an influencer marketing and GOOD branding strategy to know. Here are many reasons why customers TRUST brands. 

  • 73% of the customers are impressed by the QUALITY products and services. If a BRAND hits the quality, it earns their TRUST. 
  • 57% of the consumers look at the GOOD ratings and reviews. It builds confidence. And helps them believe in a BRAND. 
  • Price can be a determining factor, too. For example, 49% of consumers think a BRAND is their choice if it offers a fair price. 
  • Brand behavior is a Key determining factor, too. 39% of the consumers trust the Brand just for this reason. 
  • Excellent customer support is another factor in believing in a BRAND. And 36% of the consumers agree with this fact. 
  • Brand growth goes down when it does not keep the customer’s privacy. A GOOD brand trust increases with the safety of the consumers. And 23% of the consumers agree. 
Branding Statistics 美工 20231108 12

What’s Next

Have you been WANDERING for a BETTER brand presence? 

That is not a BIG deal when you define brand purpose. Know target AUDIENCE. And create a BETTER brand strategy. 

Want to know more data? 
Read our BLOG! You’ll get exciting data about the different business facts.

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