Latest Reddit Statistics: The SECRET Social Media Platform

One of the MOST FASCINATING platforms I have EVER come across. And guess what it is? None other than the REDDIT. 

Grabbing over 1.1 BILLION users makes it the ELON MUSK in the social media industry. A giant SOCIAL platform under the cover. 

Have you heard about the REDDIT? 

Let me tell you some TOP PICK secrets about this KICKASS social platform. 

  • Reddit has 1.1 BILLION monthly active users globally. (Shocking!) 
  • The average REDDIT USER spends 15.1 minutes on this platform. 
  • 75% of the USERS are from the US. 

Where did I get these Reddit statistics? Explore STATISTA. 

Want to know more detailed statistics? Let’s dive into it. 

General Reddit Statistics

General Reddit Statistics

Reddit has been ROARING over the years due to its Ultimate GROWTH. It stands in one of the MOST POPULAR social networks. And RECKON, why so? 

It is possible due to the ENGAGEMENT factor. Got a question? Go to REDDIT COMMUNITIES. Post your question. And boom! 

Congrats, in the very next moment, there will be a DETAILED answer. And that from a REAL HUMAN, no not at all. The popular SUBREDDITS have increased the overall popularity of Reddit globally. 

Here are some of the LATEST Reddit statistics you should know. 

  • Internet users VISIT its website every single day. You can get an IDEA of 6.83 BILLION every month
  • Reddit WEBSITE stands among the TOP social media platforms. It has ranked at number 9 Globally. And in the US, it has a RANK of 3.
  • In the CARGEORY rank, Reddit STANDS at number 7. That is quite MARVELOUS to be in the TOP 10 in everything. 
  • The bounce rate of REDDIT is 58.91%. That means these NUMBERS of internet users open the WEBSITE. And revert to their OTHER work. 
  • Desktop TRAFFIC has a SMALL share compared to mobile traffic. Mobile DEVICES have an 80% of the TOTAL Reddit website traffic. Compared to it, only 20% of REDDIT users access it through their desktop devices. 
  • An AVERAGE PAGE visit per person is 2.84. An average Reddit user reads at least 2-3 pages when VISITING Reddit. 
  • The REDDIT user SPEND on this site is 17.55 minutes. It was an incredible period overall when the platform had one billion-plus users. 
  • The US is the number ONE USER of Reddit globally. After that, the CREDIT goes to CANADA for the high monthly visits. And the Third rank revolves around the UK. 
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 01

Reddit User Statistics

It is the ACTIVE USERS who are the PRIME of every single social platform. Even their growth EXPECTATIONS are tested by their MONTHLY active users. 

There are some TOP platforms like Facebook. They have billions of MONTHLY active users who open and visit their WEBSITES. Regarding REDDIT, we need to Check for a significant increase in users each month. 

Let’s talk about it. 

  • In 2013, there were 70 million MONTHLY active users of REDDIT. 
  • In 2014, it showed a LITTLE Increase. In this period, there were 85 million MONTHLY active users
  • In 2015, there were 120 million active users. 
  • In 2016, 50 million Reddit users increased. There were a total of 170 MILLION users. 
  • In 2017, there were 250 million USERS. 
  • In 2018, you can notice an 80 million plus USER increase. Total users were 330 million. 
  • In 2019, there were 370 million USERS. 
  • The graph went on increasing until 2020. And 430 million is the number of monthly active users. 
  • In 2023, the GRAPH has crossed 1 billion MARK. Around 10 million DAILY ACTIVE users are on Reddit. And 1.1 billion MONTHLY active users. 
  • In 2024, it might show a STRAIGHT rise to 1.2 billion-plus users. 
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 02

Reddit Usage Statistics

Reddit posts are the BIGGEST source for the ENGAGEMENT. Especially when you ask a QUESTION, it gets a lot of answers. And obviously, the best engagement rate. There is no NEED to worry about anything when REDDIT is there. 

But which device do you USE? Is it mobile or desktop? 

Here is some data about the device usage. 

  • 72% of the REDDIT monthly users use the mobile device. That is less than its competitor, FACEBOOK, which has 95% people. And Twitter with 93%. 
  • 28% of US users access this SOCIAL media platform through the desktop. That is very HIGH compared to Facebook and Twitter. (Source: Marketer)
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 03 1

Reddit Download Statistics

Reddit is GLOBALLY dominating the industry. It has maintained its REPUTATION. And provided users with a COMPLETE social media platform for engagement. 

Here is the DATA regarding the REDDIT app downloads. 

  • There are 62.5 million APP DOWNLOADS in 2022. 
  • The US is the MOST popular region for APP downloads. 75% of app downloads from this REGION
  • It is the most POPULAR app in Spain. Overall, it RANKED NUMBER 2 in Spain
  • There have been 36.5K downloads from the ROMANIA only. 
  • 70% of the APP TRAFFIC comes from the SMARTPHONES.
Reddit Download Statistics

Reddit Content Statistics

Do you browse REDDIT? What do you like the most? Reddit posts? Top SUBREDDITS. Or answer your questions? 

Whatever your PURPOSE is, I am talking about the engagement factor on this site. And it is QUITE AMAZING when you hear about different surveys conducted. And what people liked the MOST.

Let’s take a LOOK at the data regarding Reddit link lovers. 

  • Regarding the MOVIE and MUSIC subreddits, Reddit users are the KINGMAKER. As per 600 data entries, I am disclosing some KEY FACTS. 55.7% of the USERS liked to share the website links. That is around 334 Reddit users. 25.3% shared the VIDEO LINKS with other people. It is approximately 152 people. And finally, 19% came about the SHARING of the image posts. It has 114 users. 
  • Not only MOVIE and music, here are the SURVEY details of life and motivation subreddits. 52% of the USERS loved to share the website link. That is around 208 Reddit users. This time, more people were CONCERNED about the images. And that is why 164 PEOPLE shared the photos. It becomes 41% of the TOTAL SHARE. And the VIDEO link sharing was less, just 7%. It is 28 Reddit users who SHARED video posts link. 
  • Reddit stats show the COMMENTS to be the ultimate winner of the NEGGAMEMT. Comments with questions have 200% more engagement. One thousand two hundred people like the POSTS without questions. At the same time, comments for posts with questions were doubled to around 2400 people. 
  • Upvotes without QUESTION posts have more than others. It has around a 1.5X difference. And you’ll be amazed to know the data. Question posts get COMMENTS around 22500, while the non-question posts get 34000 comments. 
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 05

Reddit Subreddits Statistics

Do you love the HASHTAGS and SUBREDDITS on REDDIT? Reddit users turn up to the site with the specific subreddits. Here is the list of the MOST popular subreddits in the PAST FEW years. 

  • If you have, it is the MOST POPULAR SUBREDDIT on Reddit. The engagement ratio is 18 times PER user. 
  • How to make it is the SECOND Most Popular subreddit. Global USERS track this SUBREDDIT. 
  • The THIRD RANK goes to the GET RID OF in the subreddit. It is one of the MOST popular subreddits on a SOCIAL media site. Gen Z users use this life hack. 
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 06

Reddit Trend Statistics

The future of REDDIT is quite bright compared to other platforms. Why is it so? It is because of the EASY access to the PLATFORM. USER base. Anyone can post on this site. And a good marketing STRATEGY. 

Take a look at the SUBREDDIT number trends. 

  • Reddit engagement is INCREASING by 37% from 2018 to 2023. It is POSSIBLE due to most Upvotes and EASY posts. 
  • Health and FITNESS have shown an increase of 43% in just ONE YEAR. It is rapidly increasing due to CONTENT Reddit. 
  • Meme is the MOST RAPIDLY growing category of the REDDIT. All thanks to engagement factors in different posts. 

Reddit Visitor Statistics

Reddit website or app has been the BIGGEST source of the traffic. How many people access it is the VISITORS. And we have collected the DATA regarding the visitors for you to review. 

Here is the data. 

  • In September, there were 6.83 billion VISITORS. 
  • In August, 5.4 billion REDDIT USERS visited the website. 
  • In July, there were 4.93 billion VISITORS. 
  • The average DURATION per user is approximately 18 minutes. And EVERY user has seen almost 2.84 pages. 
  • The bounce rate has been VERY HIGH. 58.91% is the remarkable TURNING of the Reddit users. 
Reddit Statistics 美工20231101 07

Reddit Traffic Statistics

Are you searching for the Traffic? Reddit is a game-changing social media site with a MAGIC wand. It has millions of PEOPLE who access its website daily. 

The SPICY part is the EASY use through the app. Everything makes things easier and better. 

Here is SOME data regarding the Reddit traffic. 

  • Facebook is the MAIN REFERRAL of Reddit. Around 54.78% of traffic comes just from Facebook. 
  • Twitter refers to around 14.85% of the traffic. 
  • Facebook traffic that visits the REDDIT is 10.52%. And Pinterest is on the FOURTH rank. It refers to around 7.75% of the TRAFFIC on Reddit social media. 

Reddit Revenue Statistics

Have you thought about how REDDIT makes money? Think for a MOMENT. Don’t know yet? 

Any wild guesses? Still don’t know my friend. No ISSUES at all. I am here to tell you. Reddit EARNS most of its REVENUE from the REDDIT ads. 

One more KEY POINT. Reddit revenue has been INCREASING over the years. Don’t believe me? Check the stats about REDDIT monthly and yearly revenue increase. 

  • In 2019, Reddit made 109.5 Billion USD from its ads. 
  • In 2020, it showed an IMMENSE increase. Even more than a 50% increase is not LESS than a BIG MILESTONE. It gained a REVENUE of 176.7 BILLION USD. It was a GOOD PROGRESS, as per a Reddit statistic. 
  • In 2021, REDDIT was among the MOST popular social networks worldwide for its revenue. It reached 439.1 million USD. This increase corresponds to 100%+. 
  • In 2022, there was a LITTLE decline in the REDDIT REVENUE. It dropped less than 5% compared to the PREVIOUS year. The NET REVENUE from daily active users was 423.8 million USD. 
  • In 2023, it showed a 20% growth, reaching 522.4 MILLION. Sooner or later, it is GOING to be in the 1 billion USD earning range from its daily active users. 

What’s Next

Reddit is one of the TOP SOCIAL media platforms, no doubt about it. When it comes to its COMPETITORS like Facebook or Pinterest, it is a BIT different. 

Offering your questions ease, you can communicate with many people. 

Want to know more statistics? 
Go through our website and you’ll get AUTHENTIC data.

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