Managing Your Online Reputation: Key Online Review Statistics

Before I even proceed to the ARTICLE, let me share my experience. Ten out of ten times, I SCRUTINIZE the online reviews of a PRODUCT. Do you know why? 

  • It shows the integrity of products. 
  • Exhibits how the product is winning or losing customers. 
  • Highlights potential problems of the item. 

Even many CUSTOMERS agree with that. According to Fans and Fuel, 92% of CONSUMERS won’t make a PURCHASE without product reviews. 

It shows how the ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS dominate the whole aspect of business. Do you want to know some REAL-TIME statistics about consumer reviews? 

Let’s dive deep into this topic! 

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General Online Review Statistics

Reviews are nothing but TRUST INDICATORS. For example, I researched an earbud on the ALIEXPRESS. It has 1201 reviews and an overall rating of 4.1 stars. At the same time, the SAME product with ADVANCED features is available at other sellers’ stores. Surprisingly, product reviews show 4.6 stars

I will MOVE to buy the PRODUCT with a better review. The sole reason is the TRUST!! Many statistics show the following data. 

  • Electronic products have the HIGHEST NUMBER of reviews. READERS who read online reviews belong more to the male category. 72% of the READERS are males. In contrast, 64% of the few readers are FEMALE. It shows the variation of interest in the products. 
  • Do you want to BUY a CAR? 56% of the READERS are male who are reading reviews. Females are BEHIND the male with a 48% share. 
  • In household appliances, the female gender has TAKEN the lead. 59% of the FEMALES are interested in buying household products. They read online reviews. In comparison, only 50% of males go through REVIEWS on household appliances. 
  • Hotels and rooms for RENT are on the FOURTH rank in most numbers. 44% of the males READ online reviews. Females are ONE STEP ahead of males with a 48% share. 
  • Fifth-ranked REVIEWS are the sit-down restaurants. Still, the females have MORE share than the males. 37% of the females READ online reviews. On the other hand, only 33% read reviews of restaurants. 
  • Vacation packages are SIXTH on the RANKED list. 31% of the females read reviews. Compared to it, 29% of the male read reviews of such sites. 
  • In local services, females are on the TOP. 36% of the females have READ reviews. On another note, 28% of the readers are males
  • Insurance, clothes, rented car, and food DELIVERY are on the list for the REVIEWS. 
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Customer Review Statistics

Customers are LIKELY to purchase more for the reviews. For example, a brand endorses a NEW product. But there are no reviews on the product, but there is a 10% discount. 

Believe me or not, people tend to PURCHASE products with reviews rather than discounts. Let’s DISCLOSE this fact with the power of online customer reviews. 

  • There are 50% MORE chances of a PRODUCT with reviews than discounts. If the product has positive reviews and DISCOUNTS, it is a BumPER offer for online shoppers. And it increases the probability of up to 90%. (Bizrate Insights)
  • 14% of the ONLINE SHOPPERS leave reviews immediately. They TEST the products. And make the immediate decision about the products. 
  • 17% of the consumers take 1-2 days to leave REVIEWS. After a thorough inspection of products, they make the FINAL DECISION. Either they give positive reviews or negative reviews to the products. 
  • Some people take three days AT LEAST before they leave reviews. Almost 17% of the TOTAL do so
  • 24% of the REVIEWERS take up to one WEEK. They test the product. Check their quality. And give positive or NEGATIVE reviews depending on their experience. 
  • There are ONLY 7% of the PEOPLE who purchase products. But don’t leave a REVIEW for the specific item. 
Customer Review Statistics

How Many People Read Online Reviews?

My HABIT is to scroll through all the reviews. No matter the POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE reviews, I check them all. It highlights at what point the seller is MISSING the most. 

Let’s check how statistics show about READERS of online reviews. 

  1. At least NINE users buy products after reading the reviews. Only positive reviews encourage them to make positive purchase decisions. And help buy the products. The total percentage is 95% of such READERS. 
  2. 89% of the READERS won’t TAKE buying action. First, they READ PRODUCT reviews. Check the average star rating. And then DECIDE whether they buy the item or MOVE on. 
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How Many Customers Write Reviews?

Not all the CONSUMERS are interested in writing the reviews. If the product has 1,000 sales, there will be HARDLY 100-200 reviewers. 


It all the waypoints TO THE HASSLE of reviews. Sometimes, people take more time before leaving the AVERAGE star rating. 

  • Only 5 to 10 people LEAVE the reviews out of 100. That is around 5-10%. 
  • There are AROUND 17% who take 3-6 DAYS to leave a review. It is due to the CUSTOMER service they receive. 
  • 7% don’t even GIVE review after months. Such people LEAVE ONLINE reviews on the multiple requests of the BUSINESS. 
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Which Review Platforms Do Your Customers Use?

There are DIFFERENT types of reviews according to location. For instance, you visit a PRODUCT on Amazon. It has the product review below it. 

Not every time you need the PRODUCTS. Sometimes, you need to Hire an inspection company or SOURCING service. 

So, where do you find them? How do you read the customer feedback? 

It is SIMPLE that local businesses have PRESENCE on online review sites. Google BUSINESS profile is their WAY to Google. I have LISTED the most POPULAR review sites you’ll get ACROSS. 

  • Google reviews are the MOST popular. Do you know why? It is EASE to use Google. You research local businesses. Google reviews will SHOW what other consumers SAY about it. Therefore, 73% of people leave online REVIEWS on GOOGLE reviews. 
  • After Google, YELP is the MOST popular site for reviews. It has 6% of the USERS leaving the reviews. Most local businesses have their reviews on Yelp. And it is TRUSTED among the consumers. 
  • Facebook and Tripadvisor are the THIRD and FOURTH most popular review sites. They almost have the SAME percentage of user-generated reviews. There are 3% of the INTERNET users using Tripadvisor. 
  • 3% of the REVIEWERS use the FACEBOOK to review the local businesses. Or services they HIRE online within a WEEK. 
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Positive and Negative Reviews

What do you love the MOST? Obviously, the POSITIVE reviews, right? In my case, it is 100% MIRROR type. I love to READ the negative reviews before MAKING a purchase. 

It evaluates the QUALITY, shipping, and SERVICE features. If there is ANY defect, online review SITES highlight it better. 

Here is what CUSTOMER reviews online products and gives FEEDBACK in search engines. 

  • One-third of the CONSUMERS tend to leave positive reviews. It shows how they have the best experience. Some of them write the Detailed experience of using the product or SERVICE. It becomes 34% of the TOTAL internet users who are making the purchase. 
  • Almost 33% of the CONSUMERS don’t leave the REVIEW. It is because of their imperfect experience. They abandon any terrible review. Even if they RECEIVE BAD experience three times in a row, they still don’t leave a BAD review. 5-10% still write a GOOD review
  • Some consumers get a TERRIBLE experience. And they become HONEST to leave a NEGATIVE review. 7% of the REVIEWERS write a NEGATIVE review. It is a VERY LESS count of NEGATIVE REVIEWS compared to positive feedback from 34%. 
Positive and Negative Reviews

Importance of Online Review

Customers respond to NEGATIVE REVIEWS as much as positive ones. It is DUE to their concerns for making the purchase DECISION better and more effective. 

Therefore, 43% of the CONSUMERS tend to, but 100+ reviewed PRODUCTS. 

Here is some more information you should know. 

  • 18% want 1-25 reviews of the PRODUCTS. 
  • 17% want 26-50 REVIEWS at least. 
  • 22% of customers EXPECT businesses to have 51-100 product reviews. 
  • All the other PREFER to have a TRUSTED environment when REVIEWS exceed 100+ on a product. It becomes 43% of the TOTAL consumers expect so. 
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Impact of Online Review

Just take a LOOK back into the past. And remember when you made the PURCHASE on eCommerce platforms? Was that purchase out of the blue? Or have you made efforts to research and READ online customer reviews for a PRODUCT or service? 

I am 100% sure it was prepared. You read the reviews. And then ERUPTED to make the purchase. Isn’t it? 

It is the POWER of business reviews. Online reviews act as much as personal recommendations.

Let me TELL YOU DIFFERENT statistics about it. 

  • Reviews on a PRODUCT and service is a GAME changers. Businesses have noticed a 65% increase in their CLICK. There is a SUDDEN rise in the number of sales. And ONLINE REPUTATION of that brand. 
  • Have you ever WONDERED how Google climbed as a NUMBER ONE search engine? It is customer trust and reputation. Almost 60% of the BUSINESS reputation and market value RELIES on positive reviews. 
  • Every POSITIVE review is a SYMBOL of trust. Online reviews are as much as PERSONAL recommendations. That is why 31% of the consumers have MADE more purchases than usual. It is possible due to product reviews. 
  • There has been a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the reviewed and non-reviewed pages. Pages with reviews attract more consumers. And show their positive experience. For example, there is a 354% INCREASE in reviewed page engagement than others. That shows the INFLUENCE of reviews in views and clicks. 
  • Business conversions LARGELY depend on the reviews. There is 270% more CONVERSION with online reviews. 
  • The more Number of reviews mean MORE PURCHASE. But the graph rises EXPONENTIALLY to 5-10 reviews. After that, it slowly rises and helps you MAKE more sales. You can expect a BETTER conversion with pages of more studies. 
online review statistics 20231011 08

Review and Customer Trust

I have a QUICK QUIZ for you. How many products do you buy without READING the review? How many REVIEWS do you often expect to have? 

Answer them FAST. We’ll compare it with the OTHER PEOPLE in real time. 

Let’s do it. 

  • 8.7% of the CONSUMERS don’t read the reviews. That means almost 9 out of 100 buyers are PURCHASING unthinkingly. They do not have the HASSLE to read others’ thoughts. Or spend some time KNOWING what the product has in particular. 
  • The highest NUMBER of reviews read by the people is one to THREE. 36.4% of the people READ at least 1 to 3 reviews before jumping on to the BUY button. 
  • Around 31 out of 100 BUYERS read 4 to 6 reviews. These may be negative reviews or positive ones. Once they MAKE up their MIND, they make the Purchase. 
  • In between 7-9 reviews, there are ONLY 9.1% of the BUYERS. They read 7-9 positive or NEGATIVE reviews. And finalize whether they should make a PURCHASE or not. 
  • 14.6% of the BUYERS are super active. They go through almost all the REVIEWS. Such buyers often read 10+ reviews, whether positive or NEGATIVE reviews. 
online review statistics 20231011 09

Fake Online Reviews

Consumers SYNDICATE online reviews more than ANYTHING. But they know the REVIEWS can be FAKE as well. Therefore, the suspicion is QUITE high on some review sites. 

I have come ACROSS google reviews. They are super DOUBTFUL. And Facebook is also on the TOP for FAKE reviews. 

I have LISTED detailed data on consumers’ TRUST levels for an ONLINE STORE. 

  • First of all, people have a HIGH SUSPICION of FACEBOOK reviews. 37% of the REVIEWS are very suspicious. 33% of the reviews are pretty questionable. 
  • Amazon comes in second for suspicious reviews. 26% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 33% are reasonably suspicious
  • Yelp comes in third rank for suspicious reviews. 18% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 34% are reasonably suspicious.
  • Google search engine comes in fourth for suspicious reviews. 12% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 33% are reasonably suspicious.
  • Apple Maps comes in fifth for suspicious reviews. 12% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 34% are reasonably suspicious.
  • Tripadvisor comes in sixth for suspicious reviews. 12% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 30% are reasonably suspicious. 
  • The Better Business Bureau comes in seventh for suspicious reviews. 12% of the REVIEWS are very SUSPICIOUS. And 17% are reasonably suspicious. 
online review statistics 20231011 10

What’s next

Whether POSITIVE or negative online reviews, one thing is MOST IMPORTANT. And it is a PURCHASE decision

It is when a SELLER has to maintain its reputation with POSITIVE online reviews. 
Are you curious to know MORE BUSINESS statistics like that? Go through our blog’s statistics section.

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