Crucial Email Marketing Statistics for Successful Campaigns in 2024

There are TONS of marketing channels. Social MEDIA marketing. Youtube. Search engine OPTIMIZATION. 

Then why email marketing? 

Look. The companies aim to get the HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT. And email marketing stats prove to have 20% more ROI. (Statista)

4.7 BILLION PEOPLE use email. 10.89 BILLION USD is the marketing revenue generated through the emails. 

What is stopping you from using EMAIL marketing campaigns? There are many more STATISTICS of email marketing to know. 


This guide will explore EMAIL MARKETING STATS. And deep dive into the different industries and relevant email marketing. 

Let’s know. 

email marketing statistics

General Email Marketing Statistics

Email is something I OFTEN open. Even if the email is in the SPAM folder, I just read it. 

It is just an INTERESTING experience of mine. Millions of PEOPLE do the same. And it URGES the B2B businesses to target email recipients. 

Here are some REAL-TIME email marketing campaign statistics. 

  • Email users are CONSTANTLY rising from 2017 to 2023. In 2017, there were 3.71 BILLION users. In 2023, there will be 4.37 BILLION PEOPLE. But in REAL-TIME, there are 4.7 BILLION users. In the FUTURE, predictors expect the SAME exponential growth. It becomes a GOOD TARGET for small businesses. 
  • Half of the MARKETERS agree to the FACT that. Email is their MAIN CHANNEL for driving the results. Around 47% VOTED in favor of the EMAIL marketing campaign. 39% VOTED for social media marketing. 33% of marketers focus on SEO marketing. 33% also favored CONTENT MARKETING. (GetResponse)
  • Around 1.7 BILLION users are on Gmail. It is the MOST popular email platform for the USERS. Therefore, 90% of marketers use this MARKETING tool. (TechJury)
  • Most CONSUMERS want to get PROMOTIONAL OFFERS from the brands. That is what they have STATED. According to Statista, 49% of CUSTOMERS are interested in receiving weekly PROMOTIONAL emails. 
  • B2B marketers use EMAIL marketing tools. Around 85% do content DISTRIBUTION through the software. 
  • 93% of MARKETERS use email as a PRIMARY source. They get most of their B2B deals through different emails. 
  • Email NEWSLETTER is another best way for a MARKETING CHANNEL. B2B businesses have DRIVEN most of their sales through it. 31% of the MARKETERS agree with this fact. 
  • 81% of B2C marketers expect BETTER email MARKETING ROI. They enjoy BETTER customer retention and more deals. 
  • 72% of the RETAIL marketers use the SOFTWARE for an email marketing campaign. It brings up results for them. 
General Email Marketing Statistics

Email Marketing ROI Statistics

Email MARKETING revenue is more than OTHER marketing strategies. Do you know why? 

Because it is SUPER-CHEAP. For example, if you are an INDIVIDUAL business owner. And want to SEND emails. Do it for free. MANY email marketing software offers you LIMITED free transactional emails. 

You can generate a BETTER REVENUE. Even some statistics regarding the ROI of marketing automation prove it. 

  • If you spend $1 on an EMAIL campaign, you get 43 TIMES revenue. That is around $43. RESULTS are near to it for many COMPANIES. That is why email MARKETING is rising consistently
  • Some companies have more ROI than that. 18% AGREE to generate $70 per $1 SPENT on email marketing strategy. It can be more FOR some other BIG BUSINESS. 
  • Only 20% of the COMPANIES generate $5 per $1 spent on email campaigns. 
  • 6 out of 10 MARKETERS favored the EMAIL MARKETING campaigns. According to them, it generates the HIGHEST REVENUE compared to other strategies. 
  • Segmented MARKETING CAMPAIGNS can MAKE 760% more REVENUE. That is $7.60 revenue per $1 SPENT. 
  • Email marketing DRIVES 1/5 of the business TRANSACTIONS online.
  • Offering the LOYALTY programs to customers has BETTER email marketing ROIs. As per stats, it increases average customer revenue by 13%
Email Marketing ROI Statistics

Open & Click Rate Statistics

The click rate is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT thing than the open rate. 

  • Open rate— it is the RATIO of email sent to emails opened. 
  • Click rate— it is the NUMBER OF CLICKS on the total emails. 

With high open and CLICK RATES, there are BETTER CHANCES of conversion. 

Here are some stats regarding CLICK THROUGH RATE. 

  • The average open rate is 17% to 21.5% of the emails. That means if you send 100 emails roughly. 17 to 21 out of 100 are OPENED successfully by the users. Those who open read it. And might buy the products. 
  • The average click-through rate is 6.30%. While the CLICK TO OPEN rate is 10% to 15%. It shows the increasing chances of CONVERSIONS. 
  • Mobile devices have HIGH open-through—and click-through rates. For example, last year’s iOS saw a 2% increase in email open rate. It was due to the MAIL PROTECTION PRIVACY feature. 
  • The retail industry has the LOWEST open rate. It is 17.1% of the total. The food and beverage industry has an 18.5% open rate
  • The highest CTR is of the education industry. The lowest is in the retail market. The education industry has a CTR of 4.4%. In comparison, the RETAIL industry has a CTR of 0.7%. 
email marketing stats 美工 03 1

Email AI Usage Statistics

INTELLIGENCE HAS dominated all FIELDS.  Not only EMAIL ROI has increased. But also the eased digital MARKETING efforts. 

Here are more of the EMAIL AI usage statistics. 

  • AI has increased return on investment through high CUSTOMER reach. 41% of marketers AGREE with this fact. They have raised their revenue. (LITMUS)
  • Artificial Intelligence has an impact on the CLICK THROUGH RATES. It has boosted CTR by 13.44%. (ReturnPath)
  • 39% of EMAIL MARKETERS believe in AI. They use AI for better marketing. 
  • 10% of the MARKETING TEAMS use AI for email writing. It increases the EASE. And reduce the time to write EMAIL posts. 

Email Subject Line & Content Statistics

When you see an EMAIL, what is your first response? As for me, the title is the MAIN FACTOR to attract. If the title entices me, I open it. Otherwise, leave it alone. 

The same thing is with ALL the emails. Therefore, the subject line and CONTENT matter a lot. If your subject line can’t help open the email, CONTENT is just a waste

Here are some statistical data PROVING this point. 

  • Personalized SUBJECT LINES have a MORE EFFECT than others. If you add good subject lines, 47% of the RECIPIENT will open it. Otherwise, they will abandon openings. 
  • 69% of the USERS mark emails as SPAM. It happens only if your subject lines don’t impress them. Therefore, sending personalized emails is a GOOD IDEA. 
  • 93.1% of the emails don’t even have an EMOJI in the subject line. At the same time, only 6.9% of emails contain the EMOJIS. 
  • Emojis in the SUBJECT lines have a BETTER impact on the opening. Some statistics prove that. According to the data, there is 56% more OPEN RATE. When email marketers use the EMOJIS in the subjects. 
Email Subject Line & Content Statistics

Email Marketing Device Statistics

Mobile phones are still on the TOP. One decade ago, mobile devices were not that common. 

But nowadays, over 5 BILLION people use smartphones. And due to enhanced EASE, they open emails on mobile devices. 

Here are some email marketing statistics regarding the devices. 

  • The total opening of EMAILS on phones is 56%. That is more than other devices like the DESKTOP or TABLETS. Of 56%, 29% of the users use Apple’s iPhone to open emails. 27% of people use the GMAIL to open emails. (Litmus)
  • Only 11% of the EMAILS are optimized for smartphones. Most marketers miss this OPPORTUNITY leading to fewer results. Around 69% of the Users delete such emails without OPTIMIZATION. (SalesCycle)
  • 60% of the USERS CONTACT the business through smartphones. It shows how important MOBILE device optimization is. (Think with Google)
  • 64% of the decision-makers use smartphones. It is the RAPID expansion and the ease to make decisions. 
  • 39% of the MARKETERS lack focus. They don’t even know how to optimize the emails for smartphones. It causes a DECREASE in the expected results. 
  • Women add more email clicks on their phones than males. There are 10% more statistics for the FEMALE clicks on smartphones. 
email marketing stats 美工 05

Email Types & Times Statistics

Emails are of different types. For example, the NEWSLETTERS OR TRIGGERED EMAILS. Many other types influence the open rate. 

It depends on your email marketing strategy largely. That influences the open rate. 

I have listed the different email types and their RESPECTIVE RESULTS. 

  • Triggered emails have the HIGHEST open rate. There is a 35.64% open rate of the emails. The click-through rate is the second HIGHEST in the triggered emails. It is 5.31% of the total. The click-to-open rate is also the Second HIGHEST. It is 14.89% of the TOTAL
  • RSS emails are the second-highest opening rate. While the topmost in the CTR. The open rate of RSS emails is 31.01%. The CTR is 5.67% of the TOTAL. Click to open rate is also the HIGHEST in this email case. It is 18.27% of the total. 
  • Autoresponder emails are the THIRD HIGHEST in opening rate. The average rate is 29.95%. The CTR is the third most. It is 3.77%. The click to open is ALSO the third highest. It is 12.58%
  • The Lowest results are from the Newsletter emails. It has 20.58% of the OPEN RATE. The CTR is 2.51%. And CLICK to open rate is 12.20%
email marketing stats 美工 06

Email Marketing Challenges Statistics

Email MARKETING is not THAT EASY as you might consider. 

Are you GETTING BENEFITS? Get ready for the challenges too. Not all customers like to get the EMAILS. They use the SPAM folders. That is PROBLEMATIC. 

Here are some statistics showing the email marketing challenges. 

  • One-third of the CUSTOMERS don’t like emails. They unsubscribe. It happens when your OFFERS can’t impress them. 
  • Most of the customers mark EMAILS as spam. Around 34% of email users do so. 
  • 16% of emails don’t even reach the INBOX. The reason behind it is the SPAM folder. Gmail automatically marks them as SPAM. So they do not get into the INBOX. 

Email Segmentation & Personalization Statistics

Email segmentation improves the click-through rate. It shows how IMPORTANT the segmentation is. Moreover, if you send PERSONALIZED emails, it urges customers. 

You’ll get better. How? 

Here are some statistics proving this fact. 

  • 51% of the MARKETERS do email list segmentation. It helps in MANAGING emails. And drive more results than the other types. 
  • 50% of MARKETERS use individualized EMAIL MARKETING. 
  • Marketers send 30% MORE PERSONALIZATION EMAILS. It helps them get better responses and increase the CTR. 
  • 76% of the MARKETERS send customized emails. 51% of marketers send product recommendations to customers. 49% of marketers use PERSONALIZED messages to customers. 35% use TRIGGERED emails to get responses. 
  • Testing of the emails has proven the SIGNIFICANCE of the personalized emails. According to the DATA, CTR increases by 14% with personalized messages. The conversion rate might increase by 10% through such emails
  • The open rate is more for PERSONALIZED emails. These generate 22.63% of the open rate. In COMPARISON, the open rate for non-personalized emails is 22.09%
  • 96% of marketers agreed to the EMAIL PERSONALIZATION. They assume it gives them improvement in CTR compared to other emails. 
email marketing stats 美工 07

Email Automation Statistics

Do you want to invest hours in sending emails? I am 100% sure it is not FEASIBLE. Moreover,  there is no guarantee you’ll generate the EXPECTED sales. 

The BEST and smooth way to save time is to AUTOMATE the emails. You can send more emails in less time. And the results are NOT HIDDEN. 

Here is some statistical data proving this point. 

  • Email automation has relatively better CONVERSION. According to Campaign Monsters, email automation has 320% more REVENUE
  • 40% of marketers use profile-based targeting. 
  • 64% of B2B MARKETERS save time with automation. They say to have the PROVEN RESULTS with the automation as well. (Marketing Charts)
  • Email automation helps businesses in multiple ways. For example,  30% of businesses say. It has saved TIME for them. 22% of businesses say it is a SOURCE OF LEAD generation. And 17% of the businesses have NOTICED an increase in revenue. 
  • 49% of businesses use AUTOMATION at the e-mail marketing stages. It has brought up POSITIVE results with increased CTR. 
  • 51% of businesses use AUTOMATION to refine their e-mail marketing strategy. This REFINEMENT has been very EFFECTIVE IN improving their businesses. 
email marketing stats 美工 08

Email Marketing Effectiveness Statistics

Not all EMAIL CAMPAIGNS are effective. Some are SUPER ENGAGING. While others don’t even get CUSTOMER LOYALTY. 

Email marketing effectiveness MATTERS a lot to B2B marketers. Here are some statistics proving my point. 

  • A business aims at LEADS. Social media might not provide it. Marketing emails have 40% BETTER conversion than social media. 
  • Consumers spend more on marketing emails than OTHERS. According to the data, consumers spend 138% more with the EMAILS than others. 
  • An email has significant results in DRIVING sales. Around 60% of consumers come from EMAILS. They receive exciting offers. And then make a PURCHASE of the product. 

Boost your Email Marketing Strategy

Emails are not always FRUITFUL for every business. Some businesses don’t get the RESULTS. In contrast, some companies generate 90% of their sales from EMAILS. 

It is the MARKETING STRATEGY. That can handle this situation. You need to know what customers want. Here are some stats. 

  • 86% of the CUSTOMERS want monthly emails. They hate receiving daily or weekly emails. You should design your MARKETING strategy as such. 
  • 49% of the CONSUMERS prefer promotional emails WEEKLY. 
  • 14% of the CONSUMERS want to receive emails daily. It boosts the probability of sales. You need to act in such a way that generates more LEADS. 
email marketing stats 美工 09

What’s Next

Email users are GOING to be 5 BILLION in a year or TWO. Mark my words. It is due to the RAPID EXPANSION of the internet. Moreover, AI has dominated the MARKETING FIELD. It has urged more marketing. 

Want to know more statistics like that? 
Check out our WEBSITE. You’ll get the LATEST DATA about different statistics topics.

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