Mobile vs. Desktop Statistics: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2024

In this DIGITAL world, we have two primary sources to use the internet. Mobile and desktop. I guess there is a THIRD-ONE, too, the TABLETS. 

According to personal use, I would say MOBILE PHONES are the BEST. It is because I use them for browsing the internet and opening various. It is SO smooth. 

But do you know the GENERAL mobile vs desktop users? 

Mobile phones have EMERGED as a TOP competitor in this century. It is the EASY use. 

In this article, I will explore who is the WINNER in our mobile vs. desktop users debate. 

Are you ready? 

Let’s explore!! 

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General Mobile Vs. Desktop Statistics

It is not the AGE of the 80s or 90s when there used to be DESKTOP COMPUTERS. They dominated that PERIOD. But with the introduction of the mobile, there is a TOTAL REVOLUTION

Mobile users have DOMINATED in most cases. It is because of the ease of using a smartphone. You don’t have to FACE any hassle in carrying laptop BAGS. Or a big setup for the desktop computers. 

But guess who has the most MARKET share: desktop computers or mobile phones. 

Let’s have a DETAILED discussion of data on mobile and desktop usage. 

  • Desktop computers are the CLEAR-CUT winner in the market share. They have 50.23% of the Share in the MARKET. 
  • In Contrast, mobile devices are SECOND on the list. Based on market share, they have 46.52% share. 
  • Lastly, we come to the TABLETS. They have a MINUTE share, but it is worth it. The tablet market share worldwide is 3.25%, covering millions of POPULATION
  • If we check MARKET SHARE, desktop computers are on TOP. But in the WEBSITE traffic, you get the exact OPPOSITE data. 60% of the WEBSITE traffic comes from mobile devices. It is BECAUSE OF the excellent shopping experience a MOBILE UX provides. 
  • In the US, every 51 mobile USERS use their mobile devices to visit the WEBSITE. It is more than DESKTOP users or tablet users. That is STILL HUGE for mobile devices to dominate in website traffic in the US. 
  • Mobile devices are dominating social media. Before 2010, you got the USE of DESKTOP computers. But now, mobile devices have 83% of the mobile users. It is SIMPLE. Install Facebook and Instagram. Start ENJOYING. Isn’t it cool and easy? 
  • Data ANALYSTS have derived the GROWTH data of the mobile devices. As per data, there has been a 573% INCREASE in the MOBILE PHONES for browsing websites in 2017-2022.
General Mobile Vs. Desktop Statistics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile

On the one hand, you can FIND A mobile device to be an INDISPENSABLE device. On the other hand, it has SOME DISADVANTAGES. 

Here is some data about the benefits. 

  • Convenient Mobile Experience. A person opens an AVERAGE of 2617 times his PHONE. It shows how CONVENIENT the phone is. 
  • All-in-one Device. It can be your DESKTOP or anything. Internet usage MOBILE experience is seamless. 90% of the MOBILE USERS agree with that. 

Here are some cons of it. 

  • Small Screen. Compared to the DESKTOP, the mobile SCREEN is very small. It takes much more time to solve more COMPLICATED tasks. 70% of the USERS, therefore, complain about it. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop

Desktop DEVICES are super complicated at some POINTS. You have to spend more TIME. Even the hassle of CARRYING desktop devices is MORE. 

But still, it has some pros. The desktop market share HAS grown 7.2 BILLION USD from 2020-2024.

Its advantages are: 

  • Business Tools. You get a WIDE variety of tools. SPSS or MICROSOFT word come up with advanced features. 
  • Fast Speed. A mobile device can SOMETIMES be very slow. But that is not the CASE with desktop devices. They are SUPER FAST. 

Its disadvantages are: 

  • Requires large space. Unlike a MOBILE device, a DESKTOP user must have a LARGE room. It is because of the LARGE SIZE of a desktop computer. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 02

Mobile Vs. Desktop Usage Statistics

Mobile and DESKTOP USAGE is different among different age groups. For example, at some POINT, you’ll see the Young people as the WINNER. At the same time, you’ll get the OLDER people using a DESKTOP computer for internet access. 

Let’s explore the MOBILE phones and DESKTOP statistics age-wise. 

  • 18-24 age people RELY more on mobile devices for the internet ACCESS. 79% of MOBILE users get internet access, while only 19% enjoy the DESKTOP experience. 
  • The 24-34 age group is still a FAN of mobile DEVICES. 68% of the USERS use a MOBILE phone. Only 29% use the DESKTOP web traffic. 
  • In the 35-44 age group, you’ll find the DOMINATION of mobile phones. 60% of the population is MOBILE device users. Only 37% use a desktop device. 3% belong to the TABLETS
  • At the age of 45-54, there is still a DOMINATION of mobile phones. 54% use mobile phones while 41% use DESKTOP. 
  • There is a TREND reversal above the age of 55. In 55-64, the PREFERRED device for a USER is a desktop computer. 53% agree with that. 41% use a MOBILE phone
  • Above that age, there is a TOTAL DOMINATION of desktop devices. You can expect more than 60% of the USERS above 65 age to use the DESKTOP devices. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 03

Mobile Vs. Desktop User Statistics

Mobile and DESKTOP USERS are not the same in every country. In some areas, there is NOT exposure to MOBILE DEVICES. In such countries, people STILL use DESKTOP WEBSITE TRAFFIC to browse. 

Here is the DETAILED DATA of the internet TRAFFIC through each device. 

  • In September 2023, mobile TRAFFIC is LEADING the chart. 64.95% of the TOTAL internet TRAFFIC comes from mobiles. 33.65% of the INTERNET traffic is through the DESKTOP users. And only 1.4% of internet TRAFFIC belongs to the TABLET users. (Source: Similar Web)
  • The US is the NUMBER one country for traffic. It has 58.5% MOBILE traffic. And 39.31% of the DESKTOP web traffic. Only 2.19% of the TRAFFIC comes from the TABLETS. (Source: Similar Web)
  • India is the NUMBER two for web traffic. It has 74.05% MOBILE website traffic. And 25.57% of the DESKTOP traffic. Only 0.38% of the TRAFFIC comes from the TABLETS. (Similar Web)
  • Japan is the NUMBER three for website traffic. It has 75.87% MOBILE traffic. And 22.47% of the DESKTOP web traffic. Only 1.66% of the TRAFFIC comes from the TABLETS. (Similar Web)
  • The UK is the NUMBER four for online traffic. It has 67.55% MOBILE traffic. And 29.46% of the DESKTOP website traffic. Only 2.99% of the TRAFFIC comes from the TABLETS. (Similar Web)
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 04

Mobile Vs. Desktop User Engagement Statistics

Whether we TALK about MOBILE DEVICES or desktops, one thing is COMMON. It is the BOUNCE rate. Most mobile users have an ATTENTION SPAN OF 8 seconds. If the website owners can ATTRACT them, that is GREAT. 

Otherwise, you get a HIGH bounce rate from desktop and MOBILE devices. 

Here is some data showing the engagement stats.

  • Desktop bounce is not VERY high. Mobile internet USAGE HAS caused a higher bounce rate than desktop. For example, in January 2020, the bounce rate of MOBILE INTERNET usage was 48.5%. At the same time, 43.5% of the desktop INTERNET users bounced. 
  • The mobile BOUNCE rate has been MORE linear compared to the DESKTOP. Mobile devices bounce rate REDUCE 2-3% over the 12 months. 
  • On the other hand, there has been an INCREASE in internet usage bounce by desktop devices. In November 2020, the desktop INTERNET USAGE bounce rate became the same as mobile usage. Both coincide at a 48% bounce rate. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 05

Mobile Vs. Desktop User Purpose Statistics

Different fields have DIFFERENT stats!! It is the FACT you are going to grab. Not all the PEOPLE internet USERS rely on the DESKTOP. Similarly, all people do not rely on MOBILE DEVICES as well. 

Let’s know the desktop and Mobile usage. 

  • Mobile TRAFFIC takes TOP points in shopping and eCommerce. 60.66% of traffic comes from the MOBILE USAGE. And 37.08% of traffic COMES from the desktop. All other traffic is from the TABLETS. 
  • Social MEDIA USAGE is also about smartphones. 99% of social MEDIA traffic comes from mobile and Tablets. Only 1.32% is about the DESKTOP sites. 
  • In businesses, 47% of users are GLOBAL mobile users. Only 27% rely on the DESKTOP
  • In the entertainment industry, you still get the DOMINATION of smartphones. 60% of the MOBILE USAGE is more. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 06

Mobile Vs. Desktop Search Statistics

There are MORE MOBILE users in every aspect of the search. Mobile eCommerce has Thousands of mobile APPS. Open the mobile apps. Make a PURCHASE. And ship products. 

It takes even LESS than a Minute. Here are some STATS proving my mobile browsing. 

  • In the OVERALL internet usage, mobile devices are DOMINATING. For example, there is 66.52% mobile. On the other hand, only 33.28% is the desktop search
  • If we only COUNT the organic traffic, we have SIMILAR data. 66.06% of the MOBILE SEARCH. In comparison, 33.94% is the DESKTOP SEARCH. That means MOBILE USERS are still dominating in this aspect, too. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 07

Mobile Vs. Desktop Traffic Statistics

The traffic trend has been QUITE MARVELOUS. Over the years, you can watch the domination of MOBILE PHONES in traffic. Why all this? 

It is possible due to HANDY RESEARCH. You have a smartphone. Open it up. Search for your favorite website. No hassle to CARRY heavy desktop devices or face problems with big screens. 

So, do you want to explore the TRENDS in the 12 months of 2022-2023? If yes, great. Here is the complete overview. 

  • The traffic TREND has been the SAME for the two months of Oct and Nov 2022. The traffic for mobile devices was SITTING at 64%. In comparison, desktop TRAFFIC was 34%. Only 2% belonged to the TABLETS and other devices. 
  • The first CHANGE APPEARED in Dec 2022. There was a 3% decrease in the DESKTOP traffic. It reached the level of 31%. At the same time, mobile traffic increased. It reached 67%. In the TABLET traffic, no significant changes were there. 
  • The trend was constant until April 2023. There was a mobile traffic share of 66%. And desktop traffic reached 33%. 1% of traffic belonged to the TABLET devices. 
  • This graph remains silent until July 2023. This time, the CHANGES were similar to before. But after July 2023, the DESKTOP TRAFFIC grew to 36%. The mobile traffic is 61%. At the same time, 3% of traffic belongs to the tablet. 
Mobile vs Desktop 20231018 08

What’s Next

There is such HIGH competition in Mobile vs. desktop users. In some age groups, mobile is a TOP choice. Plus, it depends more on the USAGE purpose. 

So, we can’t declare either Mobile or DESKTOP as a winner. 
Curious to know more stats? Visit our site for more authentic stats.

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